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24th March 2020 19:26

Manager Graham Coughlan interview
mansfieldtown.net, Mon 23 March 2020

We spoke over the phone with manager Graham Coughlan to get an update from the Stags' boss. Here's a full transcript of the interview...

Graham, good to be speaking with you. Firstly, and as importantly as anything, how have you been keeping in these extraordinary times?

It's been different - never have I experienced this before and nor have a lot of people. It's been difficult staying indoors but it's necessary and it's needed. We'll obey the instructions and rules that have been put in place as they have been put in place for a reason. Fingers crossed it won't be too long, and we'll all come through the other side in a fit and healthy state.

What's been the order of business for both you and the players since you went into self-isolation ten days ago?

We've basically been similar to most football clubs. We've took the players' weights and body fats before they leave and when they return it should be no greater than when they left. They all have daily programmes that they have to complete and forward the information to us, such as the timings and the distances.

It's still been busy as the lads are firing through things and we're trying to log it all. It's been busy but the players have been ultimate professionals, to be fair. We broke them up into groups of four and five, and they each have a team leader - a member of staff that they report back to.