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27th August 2017 19:05

Stags close to financial break-even
mansfieldtown.net, 21 Aug 2017

Mansfield Town Football Club Ltd made a nominal financial loss in the last financial year of 2016, it was revealed at an Annual General Meeting today.

The club recorded a loss of just £10,000 from June 2015 to June 2016, reduced from £74k the previous year.

The accounts represented another sign of significant progress at One Call Stadium under the stewardship of chairman John Radford and chief executive Carolyn Radford and the club's board of directors.

Financial director Jim Beachill said the loss is expected to increase for 2017 through 'a commitment to the new management team and player recruitment'.

The current season will see a 'major investment' through John Radford and his group of companies, in the form of increased sponsorship and equity injection.


An investment of £2.5m has been injected into the club for 2017-18 and may increase further, it was confirmed.

Mr Beachill said: "There is a big determination by John and Steve Evans [the manager] to achieve promotion this season.

"The determination John is showing is incredible. This football club is at his heart, he's been a supporter since his childhood.

"I know one of his main ambitions in life is to take this club to the Championship.

"He wants to take it as far as he can, without being 'daft'."

In other news, John & Carolyn Radford said that the current unused Bishop Street Stand at One Call Stadium would be eventually transformed in to terracing, segregated for home and away fans.

Mrs Radford said the club had explored the option of safe-standing for Bishop Street but that it wasn't 'financially viable.' Mr Radford added that work would only commence 'once we start getting the crowds up'.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on the club's training ground at Woburn Lane, Pleasley.

Mr Radford said: "Two fields have currently been laid and it should be in use by the end of September."

The club is currently in talks with Hilton Hotel Group and expects the build of a new hotel, next to the current matchday ticket office adjacent to the Quarry Lane Stand, to start at the end of next season.

Darren Shaw, representing Stags Fans United, credited Jim Beachill for his steadfast work on the club's finances, saying: "Jim should be credited for his work. Fans really appreciate it."

Dean Foulkes, chairman of the Stags Supporters Association, said: "The finances are incredible, brilliant. People are so excited to support the club."


MANSFIELD TOWN AGM: Stags so close to breaking even
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Monday 21 August 2017

Mansfield Town came very close to their ambition of turning a profit last year when they posted just a £10,077 loss for the year ending June 2016.

The impressive figures were revealed at the club’s annual meeting today and were a big improvement on the previous year’s loss of £74,510.

The meeting offered shareholders good news all round with the club’s ambitions outlined in detail.

Stags’ financial director Jim Beachill said the club’s outgoings would be higher for the second part of last year when Steve Evans took over as manager and brought in new players.

He also said the club’s spending this summer and through the season ahead would obviously hugely increase with the push for promotion.

But he said Mansfield would still fall within the EFL’s Financial Fair Play policy thanks to extra sponsorship from John Radford/One Call Group and an added cash injection from the issue of new preference shares.

“This is a year of change. These figures today are from last season when we came close to the play-offs but didn’t quite make it,” said Beachill.
(comment from Martin - this is of course incorrect, they refer to the season before)

Read more at: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-agm-stags-so-close-to-breaking-even-1-8714476

“John Radford and Steve Evans are determined to achieve promotion this year and have brought in a better class of player - and more expensive players.

“The total investment involved this season is £2.5m which is coming from John Radford and his companies.

“The determination John is showing is incredible. I think the football club is at his heart. It’s totally different being the owner of a football club and not being a supporter.

“John is both. He has supported them since childhood and it’s probably one of his main ambitions in life to do something like this. He is determined to get it as far as he can without being daft about it.”

At the meeting the Radfords also revealed they plan to build terracing on the derelict Bishop Street side of the stadium having seen the new ‘safe standing’ was far too expensive to put in.

Chief executive Carolyn Radford said: “There is only one company doing it in the UK at the moment and it’s a ridiculous cost per seat. We just thought keep it simple, keep it basic and let’s get it open.”

John Radford said it would be installed as soon as he felt the demand was there with increased crowds but Carolyn Radford said work could begin as early as Christmas if things were going well.

The terracing could be split to enable away fans to use it as well if needed with access at both ends.

John Radford said the club had spent around £200,000 in the summer on upgrading the main pitch, work on the stadium, a new physio’s room, and new offices plus the adjacent ‘top pitch’ training area.

He also said the club’s new training ground on Woburn Lane, Pleasley, would see the two pitches already installed there in use by the end of next month and a new 3G pitch available by the end of the year while work continues on the changing room/office facilities down there too.

The new Hilton Hotel project on the Quarry Lane stand car park build will start at the end of the season.

“My long term aim is still the same - to get us promoted into the position of being reasonably self-sufficient so if I’m not here someone else can hold it,” he said.

“To help that self-sufficiency I don’t want to be in League Two. “We’ve got to be in League One or the Championship which gives us chance to get promoted and go down and catch our breath. I would hate to get demoted out of this league back into the Conference.”

Asked why he was funding overnight stays for away games like Crewe and Accrington, he replied: “As we have said - this season we are going for it and I am not going to give my players or manager any excuse to blame it on us. “They have to put the work in and get the points.”


New Stags striker target has best stats so far
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Monday 21 August 2017

Mansfield Town chief executive Carolyn Radford said the club’s latest striker transfer target had the most impressive record of those chased so far this summer.

She said at today’s AGM that she intends working on the deal with boss Steve Evans tonight and hopes it could even be concluded before the day is out.

The possible deal came out the blue following a call to Evans from an agent first thing today.

“We might know something by the end of the day,” she said. “It would be a good signing. He has got the best statistics that Steve has come to us with so far.”

Read more at: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/new-stags-striker-target-has-best-stats-so-far-1-8714478

Chairman John Radford added: “We all know we need an extra striker. We need another option. “As you all know we are trying for promotion this season and really pushing for it.

“Jim (financial director Beachill) is keeping my hands tied a little bit with players. But hopefully we’ll have some good news today or tomorrow.

“Carolyn is working really hard for the club at the moment. “We hope we can get a player in before the end of the transfer window, but these situations are tricky and we have to keep things quite confidential for now.”



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