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23rd May 2011 21:37

Monday 23 May 2011


Dear SFU Members

Please note that if any members of Stags Fans United have any questions for the Supporter Director, Darren Shaw, then you can phone Darren on 07732 992286 or email him at darren.shaw004@btinternet.com. You can also email info@stagsfansunitedsociety.co.uk.

Darren reports back to the board of Stags Fans United on a regular basis. The board of SFU includes representatives from the SSA, OSSC, 12th Stag, SFFC, Pleasley Stags and the Vice Presidents. Therefore, the Committees of these organisations should also be able to pass on your questions to Darren or the board of SFU.

The current members of the board of SFU are:
Mike Abbs (Chairman)
Darren Bland (Deputy Chairman)
Keith Underhill (Treasurer)
Pete Wright (Secretary)
Leanne Gravil (Membership Secretary and OSSC)
Dean Foulkes (Chairman of SSA)
Andy Gallagher (SSA Treasurer)
Paul Nyland (12th Stag)
Gary Bridges (SFU/SSA Events)
Matt Ellis
Richard Harris
Martin Shaw
Will Lord
Chris Revill (Pleasley Stags)

2010-2011 has been a very successful season for Stags Fans United and we have been able to help the club in many different ways. Highlights include:

- Advising and assisting the former owners with the sale of Mansfield Town.
- Holding our AGM in October followed by a Fans Forum with Andy Saunders, Steve Hymas and Steve Middleton.
- Agreeing with the new owner, John Radford, that Stags Fans United would continue to be entitled to appoint a Supporter Director to the board of Mansfield Town.
- Agreeing with John Radford that Stags Fans United could purchase the remaining 1,200 Community Shares for a nominal amount of £600. Stags Fans United now owns 10,000 Community Shares which represents around 9% of the voting shares in Mansfield Town.
- Advising and assisting Mansfield Town with the legal proceedings against Keith Haslam and Stags Limited in respect of dividends and loans paid by Mansfield Town to Keith Haslam and Stags Limited, payments for loss of office and breaches of directors' duties. This included setting up meetings with Pinsent Masons Solicitors, providing the relevant information to Pinsent Masons, checking documents filed at court and attending the possession proceedings at Mansfield County Court.
- Holding a Fans Forum in January which was attended by John Radford and Steve Barker.
- Launching the Free Field Mill Fund.
- Donating £3,000 to the Free Field Mill Fund as a contribution towards the football club's legal costs.
- Assisting Wrexham fans with a joint protest at Field Mill in respect of the ownership of football grounds.
- Sponsorship of Tom Naylor
- Assisting Mansfield Town with appointing a new manager including helping the club to shortlist and interview candidates and researching the managerial backgrounds and records of all the candidates.

We are also currently planning to hold another Fans Forum with John Radford, Steve Barker and Paul Cox and we will announce this as soon as a convenient date has been agreed.

If any member wants to get more involved with Stags Fans United particularly to help out with fundraising then please do not hesitate to come forward and make yourself known to any SFU Board Member.

Thanks for your continued support.
Up the Stags!

The Board of Stags Fans United


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