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30th June 2010 20:37


Extra reserved seating made available for Westlife
Posted on: Wed 23 Jun 2010
Due to popular demand, extra reserved seating has been made available for Mansfield Town's Westlife concert on August 21st, we can announce.

The Lower Tier of the Ian Greaves Stand is now reserved seating, priced at £40.

Unreserved tickets can still be purchased at the normal price of £36.

Those who have already purchased an unreserved ticket can upgrade by contacting the club on 01623 482 482.

Otherwise, a £36 ticket entitles the holder to a seat in the North or South Stand or on the pitch, nearest the stage.

Tickets are still on sale for Mansfield's biggest ever concert and can be purchased by calling 01623 482 482 or by visiting http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk

Chairman Andrew Perry said:"A lot of people are phoning in to reserve a particular place in the ground, so we have done this upon request.

"The concert's certainly not sold out at present.4,000 tickets have been sold and we're looking for a 15,000 sell out," he added.


Chairman hopes summer concerts can aid Stags' promotion bid
Evening Post, June 09, 2010

MANSFIELD Town hope the hard work they are putting into staging summer concerts will pay off with a cash boost for manager David Holdsworth.


The Stags host the X-Factor finalists this Saturday and then Westlife on August 21.
The events are designed to generate extra income at a time of the year when Stags cannot count on gate receipts.
Chairman Andy Perry says there are no guarantees the concerts will be a success.
But he has been encouraged by ticket sales so far, which could mean more funds being added to the existing budget agreed with Holdsworth.
"It is going very well, but there is still a long way to go – you don't sell 15,000 tickets overnight (as is the hope for Westlife)," said Perry. "If it was easy, then every other club would be doing it. But it's not and we have put pressure on to deliver, as we believe we can.
"If this goes well, then we will not be playing catch-up.
"The way clubs work, just about everywhere has to rely on season ticket money at the end of each season.
"It could be the case that we alleviate the need to do that.
"If it turns out we have extra funds coming in, it means we can be a lot more confident for the rest of the season. It means you can release more money sooner.
"You know you can afford it and don't have to hold back."
The X-Factor finalists appear on June 11, while Westlife perform on August 21. For tickets call 01623 482482.


Steve Hymas on Stagsnet messageboard, 25 June 2010:
I would like to give a simple explanation why we need to have concerts.Over the last 2 seasons the club has been subsidised by the owners at an average £10,000 per week.Our loyal fans are backing the club all the way but the fact is we start the season £600,000(sky money) worse off than when we were a league club under the previous owner.This cannot continue indefinitely and we cannot ask more from our fanbase at this level.We therefore decided that the only way to raise this deficit was with non-football related events i.e. concerts,lotteries etc. This is aimed at people that would not normally go to Field Mill or support the club at all.

I have noticed a good 90% of you understand this but this is for the 10% that need it explaining.I for one would sooner be sat on a beach somewhere but we have taken the option of doing something about it.We will be criticised by the normal few but i am sure the rest of you hope it works out and we are putting our butt on the line for this club.We do need a break and we hope it will be a 15,000 sell-out of Westlife.

Reply to later post: That is correct Jamie we have put over £1 million into MTFC over the last 2 years.That is equivalent to the money we would have got through TV revenue(sky money)so you can see where the shortfall lies.You can also see why the club was moved on like a hot potatoe once we lost our league status.That man had a very lucky escape.



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