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17th January 2007 22:52

CHAD, 17 January 2007

Fans Flag up Race Row... Down Under
CHAD, 17 January 2007

Sydney Harbour Bridge forms the backdrop as a group of Stags' fans show of the protest flag that stumped the Australian Media on Boxing Day.

The supporters used the fourth Ashes Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to demonstrate about the club's owner Keith Haslam.

But when they unfurled the 'Haslam Out' flag a fold made it look like 'Islam Out' and ground officials were alerted to what appeared to be a racial statement.

Chad can now reveal that the protest had been organized by Stags' fans, pictured from left, Greg Hall, Craig Norwood, Michael Norwood, and Scott Walker.

Michael has just returned from Down Under and told Chad the group had only thought of taking the flag with them a few weeks before they left as the campaign against Mr Haslam heated up.

"The idea was to just try to get the flag noticed on television for people to see it back home." he said.

"Never did we realise the fuss it would cause in the press box, with the Australian media mistaking it for something completely different to it's actual meaning."

"There really was no need to take the flag to any more of the days after that, the job had been done from our point of view."

"In the wrong sort of way, we got some publicity, but never in the way we ever thought it would."


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