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6th April 2021 0:09

Boss delivers honest verdict
mansfieldtown.net, Friday 2nd April 2021

Manager Nigel Clough delivered an honest post-match assessment following Friday’s 2-0 defeat at home to Leyton Orient.

Two goals from Danny Johnson decided the tie, with both strikes stemming from Mansfield errors.

The boss spoke at length of the errors committed by his side today, declaring that there are ‘no excuses’ for this afternoon’s mistakes.

“We’ve given some goals away and games away in the last few months but that’s right up there with them,” he told iFollow Stags. “They are two errors of schoolboy proportions that have cost us the game.

“It’s very difficult [to legislate for the errors]. It’s something that we talk about regularly - don’t go back to the goalkeeper unless you really have to.


“There are no excuses whatsoever today for the mistakes that cost us the goals.

“We started the game brilliantly and we were knocking it about, then the encouragement that the goal gave them was there for everyone to see.

“Once we’d given that goal away, it put them ready to press and pounce on any mistakes.

“We’ve had it [mistakes] away from home mainly and have not made too many mistakes here [One Call Stadium], but we’ve made two catastrophic ones today.”

Nigel Clough saw an improved Mansfield outfit in the second-half, but explained that ‘chasing’ a match is always more difficult.

“[We asked the players at the break] to be better,” he said. “We wanted them to be better on the ball.

“I thought we had enough situations in the second-half and were not too bad. We got into some good crossing positions but hit the first man too many times.”

“That [quality in final third] has been a problem, but if it is lacking, you get the 0-0.

“But when you’re chasing the game, we find it difficult chasing down when we go two behind.

“To give two goals away in the manner that we did, and in the positions we were in as well, I’m at a loss really.”

The manager made five changes in the second-half in an attempt to salvage a result. He added: “Anything to try and shake it up a little bit. We wanted some fresh legs on to try and get back into the game.

“But also to maybe save a couple [of players] for Monday [against Exeter City].”

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Nigel Clough told BBC Radio Nottingham:
"We gave the goal away and it gave them such a massive lift. And to give the second one away ultimately kills the game.
"We need people who aren't going to make mistakes. Reidy shouldn't be doing that as an attacker. That's the game in those two moments.
“We needed players like George Maris and Jason Law to be good on the ball today but they struggled to get into the game.”
"It was nice to have Laps back, and I thought Quinny was as good as always.
"It was difficult conditions [for Aidan Stone kicking], so as a back four you recognise that and don't give it to him.
"I really feel we're just beating ourselves at times. We did it at Crawley in the last minute. And we've made two more today."
Q: How do you go about eradicating it?
"You look over a period of time, and ultimately you change the players. There's nothing else you can do. You can't do that at the moment, we've got to get through with what we've got."


Stags players must cut out the errors if they want to stay next season says boss
chad.co.uk, By John Lomas, Friday 2nd April 2021

Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough was furious with his side's sloppy display as mistakes allowed in-form Leyton Orient to win 2-0 at the One Call Stadium this afternoon.

Poor backpasses from Kellan Gordon and Jamie Reid led to Danny Johnson netting a brace and Clough said it may take a change of personnel in the summer to stop the continual costly errors.

“All our problems have come from our own mistakes and it's something we have to cut out,” he said.


“It's been mostly away from home, we haven't made too many here. But we made two catastrophic ones today.

“We will keep working on it and keep telling the players what we want of them, and those that will try to do what we ask them to do will be around next season.

“We know we are going to lose games but I really feel like we are beating ourselves at times.

“The only other thing to do is change the players, but we can't do that at the moment. We have to get through with what we've got.”

Clough added: “I think once we gave that first goal away it put Orient really ready to press and pounce on any mistakes.

“We had started well but giving that first goal away gave them such a massive lift.”

However, Clough did feel there were some positives in their approach play.

“We try to play out at times, maybe too much, so we had to go a bit longer and I thought up to the second goal we were very good,” he said.

“I thought we created enough situations and half chances in the second half. We got in some good crossing positions but hit the first man too many times.

“We needed players like George Maris and Jason Law to be good on the ball today but they struggled to get into the game.”

Stags now head to Exeter City on Easter Monday desperate to end a run of six games without victory.


Jobi McAnuff, Orient interim player-manager told the Orient website:

"Our set-up was good in the first half and we had some good opportunities to add to the goal that we scored.
"Second half we didn't quite get it right and it was a matter of digging in at times. It was tough at times. They were quite direct, but we've defended fantastically from back to front.
"There are times when you're coming away from home and you just have to grind it out. That is League Two football. And at the moment we're making a very good habit of being able to do that.
"Absolutely delighted for DJ to get back on the scoresheet. We've all been saying he just needs one to hit off him and go in, and how many times do we say it and then he goes and gets the second one.
"The pitch was tricky. That's a result of everything that's gone on. That is a factor why we can't always play the way we want to play. But it's about winning on the pitch you've got to play on."