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15th February 2021 19:30

Colchester v Mansfield moved to Sunday
mansfieldtown.net, Friday 12th February 2021

Mansfield Town’s Sky Bet League Two encounter away to Colchester United has been moved to Sunday 14 February (3pm kick-off).

The match was scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon but has been put back 24 hours to give the fixture a better opportunity of being played.

Temperatures in Colchester could be as low as -5°C tomorrow morning, but are expected to increase on Sunday, to forecasted highs of 3°C.

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Nigel Clough told iFollow Stags:
"It's good not to have a wasted journey [to Colchester]. Sometimes you can do nothing about that.
"It was so refreshing in the week when Exeter were called off at Barrow and Matt Taylor [Exeter manager] said 'nothing anybody could have done about this, credit to Barrow they did everything they could to get it on'.
"There was no moaning by anyone. After what we've heard in the last few weeks from some managers, I thought it was so refreshing.
"It's so disrespectful to clubs and their staff who are working unbelievably hard to get games on and you can't beat the weather if it absolutely pours down 2 hours before kick-off or the pitch freezes. There's nothing you can do.
(On moving the Colchester game to Sunday and the Bolton game to Wednesday:) "The league are taking a stronger stance on this and almost insisting that you play the day after if you can, then your next game if you have one 2 days later moves on as well."
"We could have done that with Bolton a couple of weeks ago and played on the Wednesday, and they refused. If that was now, then the league are just insisting."


Nigel Clough does not expect Colchester United v Mansfield Town to go ahead as planned tomorrow
chad.co.uk, By Stephen Thirkill, Friday 12th February 2021

(interview shortly before the announcement that the fixtures had been moved by 24 hours)

Nigel Clough does not expect Mansfield Town to take to the pitch at Colchester United on Saturday.

With temperatures set to stay below freezing the Mansfield manager expects the game to fall foul of the weather.

“I think most games in League One and Two will be called off this weekend,” said Clough.

“I don’t think there is anything you can do, you cannot beat the weather.

read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/nigel-clough-does-not-expect-colchester-united-v-mansfield-town-go-ahead-planned-tomorrow-3133050

“It is minus four and five at night, you can’t protect the pitch from that.”

Early conversations have already taken place between both clubs over when the game could be played if it fails to go ahead on Saturday.

Clough added: “We have had conversations as to when the game could take place if it doesn’t take place on Saturday, there is even a possibility that it could take place on Sunday.

“That is ongoing. You look at what the temperatures have been over the last few days and it will be very difficult to get that game on.”

It will further add to the frustrations for Clough and his players as they look to get back into a routine following a string of recent postponed games.

Stags took to the pitch at Walsall on Tuesday night for the first time in 17 days.

“It was a big relief to get the game played on tuesday,” said Clough. “The players were raring to go and great credit to Walsall for getting the game on.

“It felt weird the other night because we hadn’t played for so long.

“The referee and both teams were sensible and there were no silly challenges - that is why we got through the game.

“It was a good point and we could have nicked it with ten minutes to go.

“As much as we would have loved the sixth consecutive win you sometimes have to say a point is a good result.

“We are still unbeaten and that is important.

“We were in a lovely groove when we were winning the five games, we just wanted to keep playing, but unfortunately the weather has interrupted that.

“We will have to pick up as best as we can. We just want to play as often as we can and get back into our routine.”


Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough praises 'sensible' approach of referee Alan Young
chad.co.uk, By Stephen Thirkill, Friday 12th February 2021

Mansfield boss Nigel Clough heaped praise on the match officials who took charge of his side’s visit to Walsall.

Clough was impressed by the ‘sensible’ approach of referee Alan Young and his team during the 1-1 draw.

The game also saw an agreement between Clough and his Walsall counterpart Darrell Clarke to forgo second half stoppage time.

“I spoke to the head of referees after the game,” said Clough. “Usually when I speak to him it is to moan about the performance of his referees.

read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town-boss-nigel-clough-praises-sensible-approach-referee-alan-young-3132995

“This time I said how well they did managing the game. I looked over to Darrell (Clarke) with 89 mins and 20 odd seconds on the clock and said what do you think?

“He said if I was happy at 90 mins then he was as well so we didn't have stoppage time. You can call the game off after 75 mins anyway and the result stands.

“The referee had slipped in the centre of the pitch in the second half. He is not dealing with the ball or other players and couldn't keep his footing.

“I didn't see the point of stoppage time for the sake of three minutes. The pitch was getting very hard. All it takes is an aerial challenge and someone falls heavily or bangs their head and you could have a situation you didn't need to have.

“It was a brilliant, and a sensible approach from everyone.”

Substitute Ollie Clarke’s 31st-minute equaliser cancelled out Lincoln loanee Max Melbourne’s debut goal on a bitterly cold evening at the Bescot Stadium.

Despite failing to extend their winning streak, Nigel Clough's side are now unbeaten in seven league games.


Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough back's decision to take another look at EFL salary cap plans
chad.co.uk, Friday 12th February 2021

Stags boss Nigel Clough believes it is the right move to ditch the EFL salary cap.

The salary cap was brought in by the league as part of attempts to cut costs and the impact of financial losses caused by COVID-19.

It would have given Stags and their League Two rivals a maximum cap of £1.25m.

But a claim by the Professional Footballers' Association that the caps were "unlawful and unenforceable" was upheld by the panel.

Clough backed the verdict and says the salary cap plans were rushed in and were a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction.

“I think it is a very sensible decision,” said Clough. “I have nothing against salary caps in principle but it has to be right and thought through.

read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town-boss-nigel-clough-backs-decision-take-another-look-efl-salary-cap-plans-3133106

“I thought it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to the lockdown.

“Hopefully one will come in when there has been negotiations with all the relevant parties.

“Medical expenses were included in the salary cap, things like that need to be looked at.

“You have to look at U21 and U23 players. You have academy players, that should be exempt. U21 players were exempt.

“It needed some refining and it is a good step for now. It opens the way for proper negotiations.

“The biggest thing you have is the different size of clubs in the leagues. In League One you have Sunderland with 30,000 fans every week and Accrington with 2,500, should they be operating under the same wage bill?”


Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough says more should be done to crackdown on social media abuse of players
chad.co.uk, By Stephen Thirkill, Friday 12th February 2021

Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough believes more should be done to stop abuse of players on social media.

It comes after bosses from the Premier League, EFL and FA wrote an open letter to the CEO’s of twitter and facebook calling on the social media giants to take action on abuse.

Football has seen a surge in racism in recent weeks with West Brom’s Romaine Sawyers. Chelsea’s Reece James and Manchester United players Axel Tuanzebe and Anthony Martial amongst the players to have been targeted.

“Something has to happen, social media is not an area I am familiar with but there has to be a solution somewhere,” said Clough. “I don't know if everyone should just come off it for a week to make a stance. Every single prp player comes off it for a week, it doesn't solve the problem but it certainly might for a week.

read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town-boss-nigel-clough-says-more-should-be-done-crackdown-social-media-abuse-players-3133386

“I don't understand how the world of social media really works, but there has to be something done.

“People get abused on it too easily. We have had chats with the players about social media and nobody has come to me with their concerns about it.”



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