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Archived News from January 2003

19th January 2003 12:58

News of the World :
"I will be waiting for the referee's report, but apparently there was a bit of hussle and bustle between two players and the linesman saw Shayne spit in there players face. If he's done that it'll cost him because it cost us today.
Shayne told me a Mansfield player was doing something behind his back - and I don't want to say what that was.
Shayne then said he turned around and cleared the spit from his mouth, but the linesman thought he had spat in there players face."
"There were certainly some bizarre decisions given. There were a few turning points and I thought we should have had a penalty for handball before we scored."
"Curtis went in on Alan O'Hare. Whether he meant it or not he was reckless and should have gone. I thought we were fairly comfortable for most of the game and I am disappointed we were mugged at the end."

Thanks to Doom Merchant for the transcription


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