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30th April 2012 10:55

13 April 2012

Two great Stags talk shows:

CHAD Stags Talk with Stephen Thirkill, John Lomas and Tim Morriss. Listen here.

Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum with Jason Harrison, Tim Morriss and guest Steve Hymas. Listen live from 6pm on 103.2 on Friday, or listen to the podcast here.

Steve Hymas told the Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum 13Apr2012 ...
on the £50 price for the end of season dinner:
Jason Harrison: "Fans are saying £50 is too much, and its on a Thursday night which is one of the worst nights. What was the club's thinking behind those two things?"
Steve Hymas: "Well there's people working at the club now that probably don't understand football as much as they should, behind the scenes, they're basically office people, or they don't understand the mentality of the fans wanting to go on a Friday night and have a few beers. It's been moved to a Friday night now. In years gone by, it's been done at a vast loss to the club. You can look at the facts and figures, but that's what they needed (to charge) to make it cover itself."
Jason Harrison: "Are you not concerned you might be pricing out the ordinary fan?"
Steve Hymas: "I totally agree. I've not always been a wealthy guy. I'd have said £50 is a lot of money. But the supporters are going to have their own end of season dinner. I do apologise to the fans, but as I say it has sold out. People behind the scenes at the club are trying to make it pay."

Carolyn Still, facebook post, 13Apr2012
I know you all recognise and respect the chairmans already demonstrated strong business acumen. I have continued to be understanding and sympathetic to previous chairman and directors of MTFC. While having the benefit of substantial parachute payments from the Football League they were unfortunately unable to stabilise our club. It has been very disappointing therefore to hear the very distructive negative comments from the historically 'titled' periphery that our staff do not 'understand' football. As loyal genuine supporters I urge you to see that the Chairman and Manager fully understand the 'business' of football. Our small, trustworthy and loyal team are hands on trying to mend previous obvious issues. I have full confidence in our team as we continue to grow that we shall in a translucent and genuine manner lead our club to where we deserve to be. There are a lot of people involved with the club from those coming to watch a match to the fantastic work of the supporters groups who objectively and without ego continue to drive our success. Individual profile raising without being privy to actual facts is unhelpful and unproductive to where we all want to be. The journey has only just begun - we have a long way to go - come on you stags!!

John Radford, facebook post, 13Apr2012
I totally agree with our C E O. MTFC not only need good management on the field we need it off the field as well. Our current team are now able to prove that the majority of money placed into our club makes it to the bank account. Under the old regime hearts ruled. Accountability was trust - this lead to a lot of financial leakage not benefiting our club. We neglected the back office and supported with our hearts. Now you can be assured that any investments will benefit the stags not rogue individuals. COYS - I thank all our fans, players, current directors and our office staff. We are all one team. John Radford, Chairman.

Barry Coleman, facebook post, 14Apr2012
If you want to go live on radio Wrexham game will be in sandy pate bar between 6...7 so come on and make your cmments known live on air ,,,, no swearing please !!

Carolyn Still, facebook post, 14Apr2012
Barry, book me and maybe John on love if you can fri - will call you in the week. Wasn't the same without you this week - apologies to your listeners for the unnessesary inaccurate defamatory rant they endured at the hands of perhaps outdated associations. We will put it right on Friday. Cheers x

Carolyn Still, Stagsnet messageboard post, 14Apr2012
Thank you all for the positive constructive comments. John and I are very excited about the future of the club and feel very privileged to be in positions where we can very strategically lead our club to a great place.
Very shocked to see this thread was removed and then reinstated. I am a firm believer in transparency. We will find some time to meet with the board before the Wrexham game to discuss our plans for the future of the club.
MTFC will absolutley be run professionally where ultimately success on the field will follow. COYS!


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