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9th August 2006 20:55

Curle Slams MP
By Editor Wednesday 9th August 2006
(see also earlier story, 04 August 2006)

Former Stags boss Keith Curle has criticised Mansfield MP Alan Meale over his handling of the investigation into his 'sacking' from Field Mill...

Speaking after the ruling which award him undisclosed damages following his sacking in Decemeber 2004, former boss Keith Curle critised the independant inquiry set up to upheld allegations made against him shortly after he had been fired, that he had bullied a youth team player. The ruling this week cleared Keith Curle of any wrong doing and awarded him undisclosed damages.

Speaking to the Mansfield CHAD, Curle had this to say "The investigation and the involvement of Alan Meale was a total sham and the judge has backed this up"

"I told Mr Meale that this was nothing other than a witchunt and asked him to be fair and thourough during the investigation, unfortunately he was not."

"Alan Meale's only involvement in this was to give the proceedings an air of credibility and, as a Member of Parliament and someone so closely involved with the club, it is very surprising that he was involved like this."

"He should have distance himself from the proceedings."

In response, Alan Meale told the CHAD "The club had no alternative but to pursue the case and was duty bound to investigate allegations of bullying on a young player."

"The judge said i acted in an honest and fair way during this investigation."


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