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7th March 2006 18:06


Report by Ronaldo10

This trip always seems to bring up stories and this one was no exception.Nearly 180 Mansfield fans invaded Torquay for the weekend with 2 full coaches coming from the westfield with me taking my own group down which included birthday boy Johnny Rotten.Friday morning came with my mate struggling to get money together his pin number had not arrived but just like my parents his parents also came to the rescue.Dinner time came and it was time to set off with me and sharp going in the car with bard and ellen,while we was in that car sneag was driving from Nottingham with mr rotten and matt so we all met at the services on the M42.While waiting we decided to have a coffee each which went down pretty well just the appetite you need for a weekend away.We then entered late afternoon where we stopped at Exeter for a toilet stop before heading to our destination the traffic was bloody awful but we eventually arrived to hotel.Everyone checked in and had a beer before everyone got ready and hit the town.By this time my mate from London had arrived with his mate who also stayed in the same hotel.First pub stop was the clock tower were we had a couple of beers and then it the restaurant where I was not very hungry so I just had some onion rings but they still did the trick.At this time it was getting towards 11pm so we hit weatherspoons and met up with other staggies the atmosphere was building quite well around us I even met some of the Ollerton stags and Shirebrook boy daz lowe, talk about part time supporter lol.We were then asking questions where to go next so I found this flyer saying £11 drink as much as you want, I did not need no telling where we was off to we were necking the vodkas back like they were out of fashion even the music was good.Later in the night I'd had enough and I was not the only one so we headed back to the hotel and had a few more drinks before hitting the sack.

The next morning arrived and it was time to hit the hotel pool for a swim and for someone who don't get much exercise I really enjoyed it.We then went in the sauna and then headed up for breakfast for a full English before everyone then going to get ready.I then phoned a few from the westfield before heading for the front for a few beers before going back to the hotel to get in my pirate uniform.We all then got taxis to the ground in fancy dress and started drinking again,It then started to get a bit messy so then I entered the ground for a 3 hour break from beer, I even got in for a kid god knows how.Mansfield fans then started pouring in the ground but seemed to be alot missing, it seemed alot did not bother going and they all stayed on the front near the harbour.

The game kicked off with me holding a shark saying keith on one side and the lone shark on the other which I then started carrying round the stand which made me to miss the 1st goal.There was not really a great deal to shout about in the half apart from us going in to the break 1-0, I then got a bag of chips and started talking to people.The 2nd half started with us on top and when Brown came on we totally looked dominant and it was no surprise when he went clean through and finished with some style.It could of got better but 2-0 was just about right and I can honestly say that over the 2 games this season Torquay are by far the worst side I have seen.We then got on the westfield bus and fletcher dropped us off at the pub on the front where we then walked up the big hill.Everyone then was in very high spirits and waiting for another good night only this time we knew we were just about safe from the drop.First stop for the night session was the Italian restaurant but what a waste that was, we just then went to weatherspoons without no food and enjoyed the rest of the night.I then met leanne and tracy for a few drinks around the harbour before losing them and heading back to the hotel where I met the rest of my group.I then woke up the next morning not knowing how I got to bed only heading back to the pool for another swim. It turns out I got carried upstairs to bed.We all headed then for breakfast but I decided to have a drink instead just to get rid of the hangover and it worked.We then left our hotel and went home, 4 of us ended up watching the cup final in the fox & crown before bard taking me and sharp home.



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