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23rd July 2004 13:35


Dont Write Marvin (Robinson) off yet

Former Derby County and Chesterfield Striker Marvin Robinson made a brief 45 minute appearance at Field Mill last night (Wednesday) during the 2-0 victory over League Championship outfit Leeds United.

The prolific goalscorer with a 5 goals in 7 appearances for Chesterfield failed to net during his initial trial at Mansfield Town but Stags Boss Keith Curle urges "don't discount him yet"

"I had a meeting with Marvin at lunchtime the day of the league fixture and told him exactly what I expect form my players. They not only have to have the attributes to be a successful player and offer something to the team but have to fit in with the social aspect as well. We now have a united changing room with everybody moving in the same direction and any new players joining this football club would have to fit in with that strategy. Telling Marvin this I asked him what he felt his personal attributes were and what could he offer the club and I was impressed by his manner so I invited him to have a run out against Leeds.

"He arrived at the club having not done a lot of training and been a long way off the fitness and tempo that we like to play at, I guess he would need at least two weeks hard training to come up to speed. But, considering he went out there cold not really knowing his team mates I thought he did ok. He had three chances at scoring in and around the six yard box and that is something we were lacking last season.

"Of course we would all like to score text book goals that are pleasing to the eye but there are players who have made a good living out of the scrappy goals that occur in this area and I believe that this is where a player like Marvin comes in nicking the spilt balls that end in scrappy goals these are the goals that could mean the difference between promotion automatically and play offs." He explained.

Pausing a while he added:

"Marvin will be figuring tonight at Worksop to allow us to have another look at him so please don't write him off and discount him based on 45 minutes. I am still chasing the two strikers I have mentioned previously as well that would put the finishing touches to what is shaping up to be a good footballing unit. Sometimes when you are chasing players form the higher divisions you have to wait especially as the two I am interested in are currently undergoing pre-season training at their respective clubs.


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