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Archived News from October 2003

25th October 2003 21:43

Curle on Cheltenham win:
We scored goals at the right time and the level of performance was there. The goals knocked the stuffing out of Cheltenham; they missed a couple of opportunities. Sometimes you have to ride your luck, but in the final third I thought we looked a threat. Liam, Colin Larkin and Wayne Corden were superb today. We gave away a few opportunities in the first half but a lot of that was down to the conditions which we took a time to come to terms with.

Curle on the Cup draw:
A big day out for them; they'll come here and enjoy the occasion; the main thing is we will be focussed and show them the same respect we would do as any game we go into; and we want the supporters here to see us through to the next round.

Transcribed by Martin

More from Evening Post website:
"The difference today was we put the ball in the net and looked lively and inventive in their final third", Curle said.

"We still had a few scares in the first half when we struggled to come to terms with the conditions, which were very windy, but the mindset of the players was right. I told them to be disciplined but entertaining".

"The goals did come at the right times and I thought we looked a threat throughout."

However, Curle admitted that if Cheltenham had taken their chances, the scoreline might not have been so convincing.

"Bob Taylor had a great opportunity just before half-time for Cheltenham, and it would have made it slightly different in the second half if he had scored", added Curle.


Cheltenham's caretaker manager Bob Bloomer was disappointed as he felt the final scoreline didn't reflect the match.

"I congratulated Keith Curle for a good performance, but I didn't feel that it was really a 4-0 game", Bloomer said.

"It was very harsh on the lads and understandably they are a bit down.

"I didn't think we played that badly, but the harsh reality is that you must take your chances which we didn't do.

"Our clearest chance fell to Bob Taylor just after we had gone 2-0 down. You would back him to score but he lifted the ball over the bar. If that had gone in, it could have been a different game.

"We have to take it on the chin and work hard this week on the things that need improving".
Cheltenham official site:
Bob Bloomer interviewed after the 4-0 defeat against Mansfield Town:

"A 4-0 defeat is very harsh on the lads and they are understandably a bit down. But I went straight into the dressing room and tried to come out with some positives to raise their hopes because they didn't deserve that today.

"I didn't think we looked bad at all but the first goal was poor - Michael Duff has held his hand up for it. Shane made a good save then instead of booting it out of the ground Michael has tried to play it out and got punished when they won the ball back and Joner gave away the penalty. The second goal came at a killer time right before half-time and we had a task on then.

"The harsh realities are that you have to take your chances. We created a number of chances, not clear ones apart from a great ball from Brayse over the top just before half-time. Bob Taylor took it down fantastically and you back him to score in that situation but he put it over. If that had gone in it could have been totally different.

"These things happen but you have to get on and accept them and hope that over the course of a season the work the lads have put in and the effort they show gets them a reward. For their third goal, for example, 'Archie' has tried to intercept a ball and it just spun off him and fell right to the one player you didn't want to in Larkin, who was outstanding for them today.

"We still looked as through we had a good shape to our team but you have to look at the hard facts of the game - that we conceded four goals, although two of them were penalties and I thought the second of those was harsh. We just have to take it on the chin and work ever so hard this week at the things we need to improve on and come out fighting next week against York.

"A home draw in the Cup is what everybody is looking for. It will be a tough game against Hull because they are a good side but hopefully we can catch them on an off day. First of all though we've got to get ourselves back on track in the league against York next week."


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