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Free agents

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Re: Free agents

Postby Sandy Pate Best Stag » Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:51 am

Random Hero wrote:
Sandy Pate Best Stag wrote:If you had the choice of signing a dodgy lad or relegation, which would you choose?

They are trying to save the club so morality takes a back seat for a while. I think most clubs would do the same if necessary.

I mean there's signing a dodgy jebend who may have made one or two mistakes in life, and then there's a proven, violent habitual criminal. A bit different.

Yes and I’m not trying to defend a criminal, far from it, but I think the reality is that most clubs would do it and then say he has paid his debt to society and should be given a chance. Relegation potentially costs millions and years away from the league so morals go out of the window whether we like it or not.
Who are you calling pedantic? I resemble that remark!
Sandy Pate Best Stag
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Re: Free agents

Postby chip63 » Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:03 pm

It's a good signing really.

He can't miss pre season training.
His tags off so he can play midweek games.
He won't be in close contact with rest of players outside of the game.
All the night clubs are closed.
If he gets in trouble it could be next year before a court case.
He always does well the first few months.

What could possibly go wrong.

A thought maybe for all the hard working honest strikers out there who would cherish this opportunity
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