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will this be goodnight for GC

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Re: will this be goodnight for GC

Postby Sedgwick » Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:27 pm

cassellswasmagic wrote:
Sedgwick wrote:
cassellswasmagic wrote:JR and the board must be lining a replacement up. We are definitely relegation fodder. No wins and no hope of one in the future playing like this.

I hope they are... any semi decent manager at 1-1 desperate for a win with Nicky Maynard on the bench would have brought him on and gone for it!

Absolutely lost for words how we just sat back for a draw.. We played well tonight and certainly weren't relegation standard tonight.

We have the players Sedgwick, we don’t have an average manager, we have a turd of a manager!!!

Agreed, We need to bring someone in asap... GC Really doesn't have a clue
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