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Re: Newport Score Thead. Sponsored by ifollow

Postby Dan » Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:06 pm

The One wrote:
Billy the fish wrote:
georgefostersbeard wrote:
Billy the fish wrote:
stagmanrob wrote:If you think it's perfectly fine to address the manager as the Irish manager, then you won't have a problem if we all only refer to you as Billy The Troll.

Didn’t we address Steve Evans as the Scottish one ?? Many post on here without comment ??

Scottish manager is a statement of fact, linking someone's race to a negative trait is not.

Really so calling Steve Evans a Scottish bigot is very acceptable on here ? But in your opinion a negative trait on here if Irish ????

Please refrain from using the Irish prefix when disscussing the manager.

The One Moderator

Wow I bet that's sorted it! :roll:
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