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Re: Pilgrims Scorefred sponsored by Follow The Yellow Brick

Postby EdwinstoweStag » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:46 pm

Stags 2002 wrote:
Sedgwick wrote:Watched a bit of the game back and its embarrassing watching bishop chase players down... by the time hes at his man the balls been passed on twice...

And another thing you really notice from the Iplayer camera... The midfield just doesn't exist. When Charsley came on, theres a few times where he has the ball an the only option he has is lump it forward or pass it backwards to the defence... Macca is a million miles the other side of the pitch and I honestly couldn't work out who the other midfielder was at this point, there was no one within 10 yards of the new lad when he was on the ball. Absolutely shocking.

Our Achilles heel - its the main reason for our demise on the pitch last season and never addressed in the summer. It's then further diminished the year.

People then question why our defence hasn't been as solid this season. Bishop dropped a level in the new year of 2019 prior to that had been fantastic. His sending off at Carlisle changed him maybe old age simply caught up (39 this year), he had a suspension hanging over him too should he have picked up another yellow card up until roughly March which equally prevented him going full throttle. The deterioration has further intensified this season with Bishop probably 3 or 4 levels below the player we initially signed. Not his fault simply life.

Bobby's injury earlier in the year didn't help either, we had a settled back line and conrad came in. Not a dig at Conrad but the relationship with Pearce has always been questionable as there never seemed any confidence from Pearce.

The lack of protection in the midfield, combined with a lack of confidence in the goal keeper simply means the pressure intensifies on the defence, the loss of Hayden White against Colchester compounded matters and we lost our pace down the right. Someone will point out we played CJ right back but that only removed our pace from the left.

Bobby's come back after a year out and still making progress. White may never be the same player as he can't get fit. Gordon (also injured) and Clarke (good player) don't have the same pace.

We need not one but two strong signings in the middle of the park this may then go some way to providing relief on our defence.

Good post.
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Re: Pilgrims Scorefred sponsored by Follow The Yellow Brick

Postby Dan » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:20 pm

Sedgwick wrote:
I am Spartacus wrote:
Foresttownstag wrote:Great to see KP back and with the armband.

Are we ok to assume all is sorted?

Maybe, Pearce has just sorted his childcare arrangements out? You never know.

Hope he has or Dan will kick off big time.

:lol: :lol: :lol: It was nothing to do with his childcare arrangements that was the whole point :D
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Re: Pilgrims Scorefred sponsored by Follow The Yellow Brick

Postby MutinyOnTheCounty » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:57 pm

adamstag wrote:
EdwinstoweStag wrote:Bradford City were no better than us when we played there at the end of December.

Two stupid penalties gifted them the points.

That’s the problem this season though, and who gave away the ridiculous penalty - oh yeah, dickhead in defence.

Bradford should be written off as a defeat - those games after are massive

Everyone to their opinion mate, but that's well harsh :shock:

We fall short in areas all over the pitch: a midfield too easily overrun, a strikeforce missing decisive changes, fitness that would shame an asthmatic sloth, an attitude like Harry Enfield's prepubescent Kevin, an awol midfielder released after some pissed-up punch up, the list could go on. You could argue about whether the peno was a turning point for them, but as we lost by 2 goals it wouldn't have altered the outcome.

The players have a huge task ahead to get fitness, concentration, attitude and cohesion up to the required standard, but we just played a promotion contender with a team trying to play catch-up right now. I am sure the manager & players know what's required, and provided they all try i think they'll achieve it. But our season's woes & league position don't come down to the actions of 1 player
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Re: Pilgrims Scorefred sponsored by Follow The Yellow Brick

Postby victor A block » Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:38 pm

A much better performance with the strikers as much to blame for the final scoreline as the defence.

Throw in the midfield that run out of legs/ideas/tactics every game at the 60 minute mark.

We just have to stop pressing the self destruct button. It's used every game. No idea where we keep it, but have a feeling it might be strapped to Matt Preston.
victor A block
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