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Shrewsbury FA Cup preview

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Shrewsbury FA Cup preview

Postby Sweden Stag » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:15 pm

This forthcoming November Saturday will see a break from League Two action for the Stags inasmuch as they feature in the second round of the FA Cup after a hard-fought 1-0 victory against National League side Chorley thanks to a very late Nicky Maynard strike. Meanwhile, Shrewsbury had to play twice to dispose of League Two side Bradford City, winning the replay at Valley Parade by the only goal of the game after the sides had been dead-locked at a 1-1 scoreline in Shropshire.

The first round had some giant-killings. Ask Leyton Orient (kayoed at home to Maldon & Tiptree) and Southend (dumped out near the white cliffs of Dover) to name but two. Maldon & Tiptree were rewarded with a bumper home tie to recent seasons’ giant-killers Newport County on Friday night while Dover have to travel to Peterborough. The lowest-ranked side left, Chichester (who got a bye due to the expulsion of Bury) will in their first-ever FA Cup proper tie for 60 years (they faced Southampton away in 1959-60 and lost 11-0 then) travel to Prenton Park and Tranmere Rovers on Sunday. On the same Sunday, two former FA-cup winners face each other while Coventry (winners in 1987) host Ipswich Town, the 1978 FA Cup victors.

On three occasions before, Shrewsbury have faced the Stags in the FA Cup. The first occasion was in December 1969, when the Stags conquered Gay Meadow to a 2-1 scoreline on their way to the fifth round, the season after reaching the quarter-finals, slaying teams like Sheffield United and West Ham on the way in 1968-69.

About ten years later, Shrewsbury travelled to Field Mill and won to a 2-0 scoreline, being the first hurdle when the Shrews reached the quarter-finals for the first time in their history. On the way, Shrewsbury outplayed Manchester City at home, crashing out 2-0 at Gay Meadow, then needing a replay to see off the old Aldershot before taking Wolverhampton to a replay in the quarter-finals.

Three seasons later, Shrewsbury reached the quarter-finals again, but as a second-tier club. Among their victims were Ipswich Town, who found themselves 2-0 down at Gay Meadow inside the first twenty minutes before crashing out to 2-1 scoreline. Other teams who have left Shrewsbury kayoed include Everton in 2003 and Sheffield Wednesday a couple of years ago.

The sides last met in the League in 2014-15, when Shrewsbury were lucky to win by the only goal of the game at One Call, while the Stags’ last visit to Shrewsbury in November 2014 proved to be the last game for Paul Cox as Stags boss.

The sides played each other very frequently in the 60’s and the 70’s, mostly at third level.
In 1974-75, the Stags and the Shrews were the then Division Four pace-setters with the Stags being Champions for the very first time and Shrewsbury finishing runners-up. Then, the Stags beat Shrewsbury 3-1 at home and 1-0 away, thus setting up the title. As a result, the sides were promoted together to the third level, where the sides met at Mansfield on the opening day of the 1975-76 campaign. On August 16, 1975, Shrewsbury won 2-1 at Field Mill. This was also the last time in 40 years Shrewsbury had won a league fixture at Mansfield. And this was also the first Stags league and cup fixture since September 18, 1968 (a 4-2 defeat at Luton) without Sandy Pate in the Stags side.

On three occasions, the Stags have ran out 4-0 winners at home. The latest of those games was played 0 at Field Mill on October 7, 2005, being the first league win during Peter Shirtliff's reign as Stags manager, thanks to an early goal from Coke and a six-minute second-half three-goal blitz from Rundle, Barker and Uhlenbeek in front of 3334. The away fixture that campaign was originally due to be played on November 19, 2005, but had to be postponed due to tragic circumstances. When the tie eventually was played on January 17, 2006, the sides fought out a goal-less draw.

The teams played each other very frequently in the sixties and the seventies, as the Shrews were somewhat of an inventary of the old third division. The proof: Between 1959-60, under Arthur Rowley as player-manager, while at the Shrews he completed his unbeatable post-war scoring record of 434 league goals, and 1978-79, they were out of that division only ONCE. But that season was the 1974-75 one, in which the Stags and Shrewsbury were almost neck-to-neck in the division 4 promotion battle throughout that campaign. But at the end, the Stags were clear-cut worthy champions with the Shrews in an equally clear-cut runners-up position. The pointers were the two clashes between the sides either side of the New Year. On December 7, 1974, the first Field Mill five-figure attendance for about three years, 10070, saw the Stags win 3-1 thanks to two goals from Lathan and one from Eccles, Shrewsbury scoring by Bates, and go four points clear of Shrewsbury at the top, and just a month later, on January 11, 1975, the Stags won at Gay Meadow by the only goal of the game by McCaffrey in front of another good crowd, 8913, and definitely pull clear at the top. And that 1-0 at Gay Meadow was the Stags’ first-ever win there, clinched in their 12th attempt. The first attempt was in Shrewsbury’s inaugural league season, when the teams faced each other home and away in the space of a few days at the very end of the 1950-51 season, then the Stags’ best early post-war one. The 1-0 in 1975 was the first of seven consecutive Stags away games at Shrewsbury unbeaten during a space of 25 years. Among them was the Stags’ biggest-ever away victory at Gay Meadow, a 3-0 mauling on October 6, 1990, scorers Kent, Christie and Fairclough in front of 2587. And that was only the second time the Stags had managed three goals at Shrewsbury, the first one was already on October 3, 1959, when two goals from Hollett and one from Ripley weren’t enough. 8822 watched Arthur Rowley’s Shrews hit the Stags for six then. And only on three occasions did league fixtures between the sides at Gay Meadow end up goalless, the second one was the Stags’ only one in the 1976-77 Championship campaign, the first one took place on September 27, 1969. And since the Stags' first-ever FL victory at Shrewsbury 45 seasons ago, they have only lost six out of eighteen FL games there.

When Shrewsbury left the old third division as champions in 1978-79 for a ten-season stint in division 2, sometimes very successful with limited resources, they were unable to beat the Stags. Both sides drew very often in 1978-79, 19 times apiece, and it was no wonder why both fixtures were drawn. Although both teams fielded strong defences that campaign, they shared four goals at Gay Meadow as well as at Field Mill. When the teams clashed at Shrewsbury on October 7, 1978, the Shrews headed the table while the Stags were in 17th position. 4338 watched Maguire score twice for Shrewsbury, while goals from Ernie Moss and Kevin Bird dead-locked the sides at 2-2. The Stags were then the first side to score more than ONCE against the Salop side that season, and the last as a 2-2 score-line also was the end-product of the Field Mill fixture on May 7, 1979. A good crowd of 6413 saw Russell Allen score once, Bob Curtis from the spot for the Stags while Biggins and Maguire netted for Shrewsbury, who ten days later were crowned as division 3 Champions above the more-fancied sides of Watford and Swansea.

More players than one might expect have turned out for both sides. One is Tony Lormor. Others include Dave Artell, John Dungworth, Alan Humphreys, Liam Lawrence, Scott Shearer and the late Arthur Mann.

Played for both sides: Lee Angol, Dave Artell, Derek Asamoah, Lee Bell, Keith Briggs, Alexander Brown, Junior Brown, Lee Collins, Craig Disley, O’Neill Donaldson, John Dungworth, Exodus Geohaghon, John Grayson, Bryn Gunn, Jim Hankin, Alan Humphreys, Glynn Hurst, Luke Jones, Liam Lawrence, David Linighan, Tony Lormor, Arthur Mann, Harry Middleton, John Moore, Dean Peer, Darren Rowbotham, Arthur Sharp, Scott Shearer, Steve Slawson, Mark Smith, Mark Stallard, Jack Stamps, Nathan Thomas, Wayne Thomas, Glyn Thompson, Jamie Tolley, Neil Wainwright, Luke Waterfall, Lee Williams.

Home stats: P 28, W 16, D 6, L 6, GF 45, GA 24
Away stats: P 28, W 6, D 10, L 12, GF 30, GA 44

Season Home Date Away Date

1950-51 4-0 1951-04-30 1-1 1951-04-28 Div 3 (N)
1959-60 1-0 1960-02-20 3-6 1959-10-03 Div 3 (old)
1963-64 3-1 1963-10-07 0-2 1963-10-16 Div 3 (old)
1964-65 1-0 1965-04-03 1-1 1964-11-03 Div 3 (old)
1965-66 0-3 1966-03-21 1-2 1966-04-22 Div 3 (old)
1966-67 0-1 1967-03-25 0-1 1966-10-29 Div 3 (old)
1967-68 0-1 1968-03-23 1-2 1967-10-28 Div 3 (old)
1968-69 1-2 1969-05-09 1-1 1968-11-30 Div 3 (old)
1969-70 2-0 1970-01-17 0-0 1969-09-27 Div 3 (old)
1970-71 1-1 1971-04-03 2-5 1970-08-28 Div 3 (old)
1971-72 2-2 1972-03-20 2-4 1972-04-19 Div 3 (old)
1974-75 3-1 1974-12-07 1-0 1975-01-11 Div 4 (old)
1975-76 1-2 1975-08-16 2-1 1976-04-02 Div 3 (old)
1976-77 1-0 1977-04-12 0-0 1976-11-02 Div 3 (old)
1978-79 2-2 1979-05-07 2-2 1978-10-07 Div 3 (old)
1989-90 2-1 1990-03-17 1-0 1989-10-07 Div 3 (old)
1990-91 2-1 1991-03-23 3-0 1990-10-06 Div 3 (old)
1993-94 1-0 1993-08-14 2-2 1993-12-17 Div 3
1997-98 1-1 1998-03-07 2-3 1997-11-01 Div 3
1998-99 1-0 1998-12-11 0-1 1999-05-01 Div 3
1999-00 4-0 1999-09-24 2-1 1999-10-23 Div 3
2000-01 1-0 2000-10-14 1-2 2001-03-06 Div 3
2001-02 2-1 2001-09-14 0-3 2002-02-23 Div 3
2004-05 1-1 2005-03-05 2-0 2004-12-18 League Two
2005-06 4-0 2005-10-07 0-0 2006-01-17 League Two
2006-07 1-1 2007-02-03 2-2 2006-08-05 League Two
2007-08 3-1 2008-04-19 0-0 2007-10-27 League Two
2014-15 0-1 2015-04-06 0-2 2014-11-15 League Two

Cup games:

1969-70 2-1 1969-12-06 FA Cup 2nd round at Gay Meadow
1978-79 0-2 1978-11-25 FA Cup 1st round at Field Mill
1992-93 1-3 1992-11-14 FA Cup 1st round at Gay Meadow

A stern test is on the cards for the Stags. Come on Mansfield!
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Re: Shrewsbury FA Cup preview

Postby Tess Tickle » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:36 pm

Who is going to this one then ? 300 stags imo
Tess Tickle
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Re: Shrewsbury FA Cup preview

Postby The One » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:43 pm

Tess Tickle wrote:Who is going to this one then ? 300 stags imo

If new manager more
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