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New player number 2 on the way (Bishop Signs)

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Re: New player number 2 on the way (Bishop Signs)

Postby cher » Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:41 pm

MutinyOnTheCounty wrote:
cher wrote:Notts supporter here. Really good signing for you, played loads over the last three seasons for Scunny. A proper fans favourite for us, gave everything and was an absolutely key part of our promotion (sorry!) team.

WowCher!, I mean wow Cher! :P

It's good to see a Pies fan with a fair minded view. I hope you & MatlockPie are keeping well.

You have a decent player in Hemmings. I would have liked him to stay, but he's not an out and out striker.

Wotcha Mutiny, long time no speak, all good here thanks and you? Flippin' heck, this is as polite as it gets between Stags and Notts supporters.

As long as we havent signed Eddie Hemmings I'll be happy :lol:
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Re: New player number 2 on the way (Bishop Signs)

Postby bellwhiff » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:20 am

Tippy Tappy Football wrote:The main evidence to date regarding David Flitcroft's disappointing game management tactics is the Port Vale home game when we sat back against the poorest side to visit Field Mill all season and inevitably conceded an equalizer. I will add a few quotes from Martin's match report:

"With 84 minutes gone, the Stags had a free kick on the left and a chance to get the ball into the box and extend the lead. Ludicrously the Stags only sent two players into the box. The same thing happened two minutes later, a free kick near the corner flag on the right, and the Stags only put one player in the box this time. With four and six minutes to go, this was far too early for such a tactic in my opinion and I said so at the time during commentary. In the final minutes of stoppage time, this tactic does make sense to me but not with so long to go. Even if the Stags had held on, I would have been extremely critical of this at this stage of the game."

"Disaster struck on 89 minutes when Pope stretched to head in after Logan came out to try to stop Dan Turner crossing from the right, and Turner got the ball over the Stags keeper."

I hope we do not see any more of these negative tactics from David Flitcroft next season or he will deserve all the flak that comes his way. He needs to learn from his mistakes and not moan afterwards about players failing to manage games.

Note: Steve Evans also made similar mistakes when he made late substitutions and just sat back. Crewe, Accrington and Barnet (away) and Luton and Exeter (home) come to mind.

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Re: New player number 2 on the way (Bishop Signs)

Postby STAGS FOR LIFE » Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:34 pm

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