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Newport home preview

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Newport home preview

Postby Sweden Stag » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:46 pm

After the somewhat un lucky defeat at Swindon last Saturday, the Stags are at home now. This time around, it is against the side which followed the Stags back into League Two almost five years ago, Newport County.

And since the return to the FL, the Stags have won every home fixture against the Newport Exiles, last season to a 2-1 scoreline almost a year ago.

At that time, Newport were rock-bottom. The defeat at Mansfield was followed by disastrous 4-0 defeat at home to Leyton Orient. That defeat had consequences. Out went Graham Westley as Newport boss, in came Michael Flynn. From then on, Newport won seven out of their remaining twelve fixtures and secured survival in the final minute of the 2016-17 campaign. An 89th minute home winner against Notts County sent Hartlepool out of League Two along with Leyton Orient.

This season, Newport have vastly improved. The proof: sitting just below the playoff zone and making some very good FA Cup exploits recently, as sides like Leeds and Tottenham Hotspur can confirm. Leeds were kayoed, while the Spurs were on the brink of a KO at Newport. With just ten minutes to go, Spurs forced a replay, which was won. On that same day as the replay took place, Newport boss Flynn extended his current managerial contract.

Yet, Newport have lost their last two League Two fixtures on the road, but that was against sides like Colchester and Lincoln. And Newport’s home fixture against Forest Green fell victim of the weather last Saturday.

This is the eighth consecutive season the Stags face the current Newport side, which came into being after the older one, formed in 1912, busted in February 1989 after two consecutive seasons from then Division Three 30 years ago (when the Stags beat Newport 1-0 at home and 3-0 away) to the current National League. By the time of the old Newport club leaving that league, Newport had won four games, drawn seven, and lost eighteen, their then final game being a 2-1 defeat away to the old Maidstone club, which a few months later gained entry to the old fourth division. During the 1988-89 season, Newport faced three current League Two sides: Wycombe, Barnet and Cheltenham as well as three which later played in the League, being Macclesfield, Kidderminster and Boston.

The Stags’ very first game away to the current Newport club on September 18, 2010, saw two twin brothers in the respective dug-outs. Dave Holdsworth for the Stags, Dean for Newport. But by the time of the return fixture at Mansfield, both had left. Dave resigned, while Dean left for the current Aldershot club.

Played for both sides: Walter Akers, Neville Chamberlain, Roddy Collins, Fred Flanders, Dai Jones, Kevin Kent, Terence Melling, John Moore, Tommy Pritchard, Mick Vinter, Alan Waddle. Current Newport side: Jon Challinor, Adam Chapman, Rob Duffy, Matt Green, Jefferson Louis, Tom Naylor, Aaron O'Connor, Lenny Pidgeley, Mitchell Rose, Glyn Thompson.

Home:P 9, W 6, D 2, L 1, GF 14, GA 7
Away:P 9, W 3, D 2, L 4, GF 7, GA 7

Home games Away games

1937-38 1-1 1937-12-04 0-1 1938-04-16 Division 3 (S)
1938-39 0-2 1939-11-01 0-0 1939-04-01 Division 3 (S)
1958-59 2-1 1959-01-31 0-1 1958-09-13 Division 3 (old)
1959-60 3-1 1959-11-21 1-0 1960-04-09 Division 3 (old)
1962-63 2-1 1963-04-20 1-1 1962-12-01 Division 4 (old)
1972-73 0-0 1973-03-26 1-0 1972-09-02 Division 4 (old)
1973-74 2-1 1974-02-24 0-2 1973-10-09Division 4 (old)
1974-75 3-0 1974-12-28 1-2 1975-03-31Division 4 (old)
1986-87 1-0 1986-11-25 3-0 1987-03-17Division 3 (old)

FA Cup

1964-65 0-3 1964-12-05 2nd round at Somerton Park, Newport

All stats above are regarding the old Newport club.

Current Newport club:

Home:P 7, W 5, D 1, L 1, GF 19, GA 9
Away:P 8, W 2, D 2, L 4, GF 6, GA 9

2010-11 3-3 2011-02-12 0-1 2010-09-18 BSP
2011-12 5-0 2011-09-10 0-1 2012-02-18 BSP
2012-13 3-4 2012-08-11 0-2 2013-02-12 BSP
2013-14 2-1 2014-03-08 1-1 2013-09-07 League Two
2014-15 1-0 2014-08-19 1-0 2015-03-03 League Two
2015-16 3-0 2015-10-03 0-1 2016-03-05 League Two
2016-17 2-1 2017-02-25 3-2 2016-08-06 League Two
2017-18 (at Newport) 1-1 2017-10-21 League Two

FA Trophy
2010-11 4-2 2011-01-15 2nd round at Field Mill
Stockholm, July 4, 2008, 15.00 GMT. Good news came, K.H. gone. March 1, 2012. Ground purchased.
Sweden Stag
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Re: Newport home preview

Postby Rob » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:05 pm

Great stuff Svante.

Roddy Collins, boy he was garbage. Alan Waddle also brings back memories, big, giant, huge, massive hair.
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