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Archived News from December 2020

25th December 2020 22:02

23 Dec 2020

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The accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019 have been filed at Companies House.

The football club changed its year end to 31st December in 2017 so the last full accounts the club presented to an AGM were for the six month period from 1st August 2017 to 31st December 2017.

The current accounts are for the year ended 31st December 2019 and cover the second half of the 2018-2019 season when the Stags finished 4th under David Flitcroft and the first half of the 2019-2020 season under John Dempster and Graham Coughlan when the Stags eventually finished a very disappointing 21st.

The headlines appear to be that the football club made a loss of £50,904 in 2019 compared to a loss of £116,281 for 2018. This small loss was mainly achieved by the sponsorship received from One Call and associated companies which increased by around £1.5 million from £1,113,333 in 2018 to £2,627,499. This is why John Radford says it is important that the stadium is referred to as the One Call Stadium wherever possible.

Turnover increased by £1.38 million from £4,324,339 to £5,706,953.

Match Day Income was fairly similar. It was £1,268,368 compared to £1,292,869 in 2018, a fall of £24,501. The total number of supporters through the gates increased by 13.7% from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019.

Football and Media Income (which includes the EFL Distributions and Premier League Solidarity Payments) was also similar. It was £1,357,226 compared to £1,330,406 in 2018.

The big change was in Commercial Income which increased to £3,081,359 from £1,701,063 assisted by the £1.5 million increase in sponsorship money from One Call and JR's associated companies.

Total Wages and Salaries increased to £5,083,199 in 2019 from £4,456,034 in 2018. They were estimated at £3,200,441 in 2017 based on the 6 month accounts and were stated as being £1,884,446 in 2016-2017.

The number of playing staff was 26. There was a big increase in non playing staff from 11 to 63.

Staff charged to associated companies were 185 compared to 208 in 2018.

No directors received any remuneration.

Player Registrations (Transfer Fees) were £293,750. It's possible that some of these transfer fees could be deferred transfer fees for players signed in 2018.

Players signed in 2018 were:
Craig Davies
Otis Khan
Matt Preston

Players signed in 2019 were:
Ryan Sweeney
Willem Tomlinson
Ben Turner
Andy Cook
Kellan Gordon
Nicky Maynard

Player Disposals were £100,000 (deferred transfer fee for Lee Angol?)

The loans owed to One Call and other associated companies were £4,542,361 which increased by around £100,000 from 2018.

Other creditors amounted to £660,419. This includes around £465,546 owed to Andy Saunders. The last figure given for this loan was in the 2010 accounts.

RSCPBR (Ultimate Parent Company)
The ultimate parent company of Mansfield Town is now RSCPBR Limited which operates a diverse range of businesses including:
- the football club
- a claims handling company
- vehicle credit hire
- vehicle recovery and rescue services
- vehicle damage repair
- solar energy

It looks like JR has separated these businesses from One Call Insurance.

The sole director of RSCPBR is John Radford and he is the sole shareholder

MANSFIELD 1861 LIMITED (Immediate Parent Company)
RSCPBR Limited own all the 100 issued shares in Mansfield 1861 Limited (formerly known as Amber 12 Limited). The directors of Mansfield 1861 Limited are John Radford, Carolyn Radford, Paul Broughton and Tina Broughton.

Mansfield 1861 Limited own the majority shareholding in Mansfield Town Limited and the directors are John Radford, Carolyn Radford, David Sharpe, Paul Broughton, Steve Hymas and Mark Burton

Mansfield Town paid £44,290 rent to Mansfield Town 1861 Limited during 2018. Mansfield Town 1861 Limited repaid £110,390 to Mansfield Town and owed £210,817 to the football club at the end of the year.

Recharges of £816,482 were made by Mansfield 1861 Limited to the football club in respect of goods bought and services provided on its behalf.

Recharges of £1,034,210 (2018: £1,245,127) were made to Mansfield 1861 Limited and other related companies in respect of wages.

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