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7th November 2019 22:10

the nature on instagram makes it tricky to post on here as it's written.

So I've transcribed a few of the questions and tried to described the emojis:

Q&A with Carolyn Radford on Instagram, Thursday 7 Nov 2019

Q: When are you sacking Dempster?
Carolyn: This is always a possibility in football. Let’s wait and see how the results go!

Q: What are the Board’s aims for the season? There seems to be conflicting views.
Carolyn: Promotion!! We have one of the top budgets, but most important thing is that the club is running well. We all want success.

Q: Does John regret sacking Flitcroft?
Carolyn: John never has regrets, but does learn from his mistakes (winking emoji)

Q: Would you ever sell up and live abroad?
Carolyn: I’m far too emotionally involved with the club to ever sell up before I’ve achieved all that I want! We both want all our businesses to be as successful as each other (love emoji). Maybe in a few years when we are Premier League we will sell up and buy a super yacht (winking emoji)

Q: When’s the hotel and stand being built?
Carolyn: The decision on this will be in March. Stay tuned (licking lips emoji)


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