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18th August 2017 12:26

Eyewitness says area is in 'lockdown'

17 Aug 2017

Eyewitness John Radford, the owner of Mansfield Town Football Club, was with his wife Carolyn on Las Ramblas when he heard a “loud bang”.

He said they saw people running in one direction and they “stayed with the flow” until they got to their hotel. They have been locked inside while the area remained cordoned off.

He told the BBC: “Everything is now in lockdown. Fortunately we are back in our hotel. We’re looking out at Las Ramblas and the city has gone quiet.

“As I sit looking out here, looking down towards the beach, at the roundabout, there’s all the police cars and a crowd of about 400 people and the rest of the streets around that are all dead.

“I just feel sorry for all the people that have been injured in this."



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