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28th July 2017 23:44

My application for the FA Council
carolynradford.co.uk, 25 Jul, 2017

This is a bit of a strange update to post, but here we go...!

I am one of five people hoping to win one of two places to represent the EFL on the FA Council. It would be a true dream come true to be named on the council.

I'm told that, among some of the applications, one seeking re-election simply wrote to ask that his re-election would be supported.

Read more at http://carolynradford.co.uk/my-application-for-the-fa-council

Just as I and the amazing team around me have developed Mansfield Town FC into this season's promotion favourites, and a club likely to turn a profit this year, I've never done things by halves. I wouldn't if on the council, either - it just isn't my way.

So, I thought I'd have some fun with the council vote.

I had this video created; tongue firmly-in-cheek:


A writer at the Mail has called my approach 'bizarre' , and made the claim that 'the electorate from the three FL divisions are unlikely to be swayed by [my] unprecedented self-promotion.'

Now, I read politics at university. While there, I learned of the tactics of John F. Kennedy - the most popular US president in the post-WW2 era, by approval rating.

My video is a direct and intentional send-up of this 1960 Kennedy presidential campaign jingle - a fact the journalist might be interested to know.


My video was only ever intended for those voting to see, but I'm certainly not ashamed of it. I want my children to grow up in a world where having fun while doing the best job possible isn't frowned upon, but actively encouraged.

I've also shared my application letter below.

Thank you,




Mansfield's Radford puts FA bid to music
25 Jul 2017

Mansfield Town CEO Carolyn Radford has taken a quirky approach to her bid to represent the Football League on the FA Council.

The qualified lawyer put together a John F Kennedy-inspired campaign video to go with her bid to win a seat.

Radford, 35, has been the CEO of League Two Mansfield since 2011 and is married to club chairman John.

There are five applicants for the two places available on the council.


Football's 'sexiest CEO' Carolyn Radford makes bizarre bid for FA Council seat with video nasty
Mansfield's Carolyn Radford is bidding for one of two available FA Council seats
The self-described Football League's 'sexiest CEO' has released a bizarre video to support her application on YouTube featuring a nursery-rhyme style song
Unfortunately for the wife of Stags chair John, the clip looks likely to be in vain
By Charles Sale for the Daily Mail, 25 July 2017

English football politics has broken new ground with a female candidate bidding for a place among the blazers on the FA Council posting a bizarre election campaign video on YouTube.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4726272/Carolyn-Radford-s-bizarre-YouTube-bid-FA-Council-seat.html#ixzz4nqkWPysY

Mansfield's Carolyn Radford, who considers herself the 'sexiest ceo' in the Football League according to her hashtag in a tweet sent from the clubs' summer meeting, hopes to win a five-way contest for two places available on the council with the help of the cheesiest of videos sent to all voting clubs.

Accompanying the footage are repetitive nursery rhyme-style lyrics starting: 'Do you wanna a girl on council, who is seasoned through and through, but not so seasoned she won't try something new, a girl who is old enough to know and young enough to do, well it's up to you, it's up to you, it's strictly up to you. And It's Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn for me.'

Unfortunately for Radford, who is married to Mansfield chairman John, the electorate from the three FL divisions are unlikely to be swayed by her unprecedented self-promotion.



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