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8th June 2017 21:48

Carlisle Utd chief insists club are right to be 'patient' on new signings despite Mansfield's early influx
newsandstar.co.uk, 5 June 2017

United manager Keith Curle has admitted he has already lost out on some targets to the Stags but Clibbens insists United are right to be "patient"

Chief executive Nigel Clibbens insists Carlisle United are not worried about losing out on some early transfer-window targets to big-spending Mansfield.

The Stags have made a host of additions already this close-season, with Blues boss Keith Curle admitting some of his own targets are among them.

United have yet to land their first close-season recruits, having made offers to a number of players.

Chief executive Clibbens, though, says the Blues are right to be "patient" and not get distracted by rivals' spending power.

He said: "There are always clubs, in whatever division, who've got more money than you.

"Therefore if you're in a game where it's all about how much cash you can pay somebody, you're going to lose out sometimes.

"That's no disrespect to any club, it's the way of the world. What we're trying to do is get the best value for money from the budget that we've got.

"We've been pretty good at that under Keith Curle."

"At the start of the window, everyone is looking at what everyone else is doing," Clibbens added.

"If you see a rival accumulating players, and good players, that you might have looked to bring to your club, people can start worrying about ifs, buts and maybes.

"We have to be patient and get the right men in. That's what Keith's trying to do.

"Being realistic, the rivalry for players is intense in this division and will get even more so. It's no surprise Mansfield are in the market for lots of players.

"That's Steve Evans' style and that's worked for him - he's been very successful at it. Good luck to them. We've got to plot our own course."


Clibbens said Curle was working with a budget that was similar or "slightly down" on his resources at the same stage last summer.

But he said Carlisle's spending power would increase over the course of the window as the Blues do more commercial deals.

He also said further season-ticket sales would benefit the manager's coffers, with a deadline for early-buy and renewals falling at 5pm today.

Clibbens said: "The budget changes throughout the transfer window, as we do commercial deals and refine what we think we're going to have available, and get more certainty.

"Generally, that means the budget through that period is rising all the time as we do new deals and are prudent at the start.

"Broadly speaking, in terms of the contribution of the club [to Curle's budget], it will be a little bit higher, or about the same, because of the commercial deals, plus season tickets are making a bigger contribution to the football pot.

"But what we don't have as much this year is the windfall from cups that we had from previous seasons. So that offsets it.

"As we sit here now it's broadly the same and if anything, maybe slightly down at the same point. But it will evolve over the course of the window.

"We have to put a return into the EFL for wage cap purposes and that can only be based on what's realistic - we can't presume gates are going to jump by x-amount that gives us more money to spend.

"Last season, we were right at the top of our wage cap and I don't see that being any different this year. That will be the restriction. That's why we're looking to grow the income of the club to make a contribution.

"That's why season-ticket sales really help. It's guaranteed income which we can immediately put into the budget to spend earlier, rather than rely on gates increasing during the course of the season."



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