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6th April 2016 15:28

by Martin Shaw

Details of the 12 penalties Mansfield have conceded this season:

Oxford H (conceded by Lambe)
Luton A (conceded by Tafazolli)
Barnet A (conceded by Jensen)
Morecambe A (conceded by Hunt)
Morecambe H x 2 (conceded by Tafazolli and J.Thomas)
Plymouth A (conceded by Beardsley)
Dagenham H (conceded by Pearce)
Portsmouth H (conceded by Alfei)
Northampton H (conceded by Pearce)
Hartlepool A x 2 (conceded by Pearce and Benning)

(Total - Pearce 3, Tafazolli 2, 7 other players one each. Note this is regardless of whether justified or not)

Meanwhile, 2 penalties won (in the league, plus one more in JPT)

Oxford H (won by Rose)
Dagenham A (won by Green)


Furthermore, Svante Bernhard (Sweden Stag) adds:

In total, we have won six and conceded 28 in 132 League Two games since our return to the FL.

2013-14: Four penalties won, seven conceded (five of those after November 30, 2013)

Penalties won:

Scunthorpe A (won by Clucas)
York A (won by Jennings)
Hartlepool H (won by Rhead)
Morecambe H (won by Daniel)

Penaties conceded:

Fleetwood A x 2 (conceded by Riley and Jennings)
York H x 2 (conceded by Dempster and Tafazolli)
Northampton A (conceded by Westlake)
Hartlepool A (conceded by Sutton)
Accrington A (conceded by Riley)

Total: Riley 2, 5 other players one each.

2014-15: NO penalty won, nine conceded

Oxford H (conceded by Tafazolli)
Wycombe A (conceded by Riley)
Accrington H (conceded by Studer)
Exeter H (conceded by Adam Smith)
Northampton H (combination between Brown and Beevers)
Oxford A (conceded by Tafazolli)
AFC Wimbledon H (conceded by Tafazolli)
Hartlepool A (conceded by Beevers)
Portsmouth H (conceded by Sutton)

Total: Tafazolli 3, Beevers 2 (one in combination with Brown), 4 other players one each + Brown in combination with Beevers

Every game at Hartlepool since our return to the FL has seen at least one penalty awarded for Hartlepool (including the two last Saturday).



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