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6th August 2015 22:31

Hooligan threat sends policing costs for Stags games soaring
chad.co.uk, Thursday 30 July 2015

Policing Mansfield Town games cost five times more than Notts County matches during last season, figures have revealed.

A break down of the costs by Nottinghamshire Police revealed that Stags received a £51,570 bill from the police for the 2014/2015 season, which equates to more than £2,242 per match at the One Call Stadium.


However, Notts County, who played in the league higher than Mansfield last season and attracted almost twice as many supporters during an average home match, were billed for just £10,462 for the season.

Predictably, the costs for Championship side Nottingham Forest was much higher with a £110,000 invoice, with their average weekly gates standing at almost 23,500.

Nottinghamshire Police’s Chief Supt Mark Holland said that the bills are only 20/25 per cent of the full costs, meaning up to £200,000 of public money was spent on policing games in Mansfield last year.

He added that the huge gulf in costs between Stags and Notts County is simply down to the ‘risk’ factors, meaning the possibility of violence and disorder from trouble causers.

He told Chad: “It’s nothing to do with the size of the club, it’s to do with the size of the risk of each game.

“The difference between Mansfield Town and Notts County is that Notts County don’t have a recognised hooligan group, and don’t have many travelling hooligans.

“Mansfield does have a risk factor, and we have to monitor the risk group and which team they are playing and if they have a risk group, that’s how it’s operated.”



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