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1st October 2013 16:19

John Radford, as part of discussing his first three years in charge of the club, gave an update on training facilities and the new sports hall, to StagsPlayer:

26 Sep 2013


John Radford:
The big to-do list that I've been harping on about for a while now is getting our training ground sorted out. We haven't got land that the club owns that we can say is ours to go and do our training on.
I've just acquired Woburn Lane in Pleasley which gives us quite a few acres to put a couple of football pitches on. Unfortunately it's got a bit of a slant so we've got to do a bit of work to level it out.
That's the thing that I need to sort out behind the scenes so the manager's got plenty of football fields to pick between to get his training done and we can run our own schedules.
Regarding the state of the art sports hall, which will still be located at the side of the stadium, at the moment we have to sort the training grounds out so it's been put a little bit on the back burner but efforts are being made towards getting the project up and going and you'll see some work going off at the side of the stadium over the next few weeks - we will make it so there is a playable surface down there.
I think we will struggle to get the sports hall finished this season. We were hoping to get started this October and I'm a bit concerned we've had to put it on the back burner but the reason I've had to put it in on the back burner is simply the fact that we don't have our own training ground or training facility so I've had to prioritise that over the sports hall. The sports hall will be used for a few days by the first team in the winter weather, but we need the land and we need the football pitches so I've had to prioritise that and get things and finances in place to sort that out.

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