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1st July 2013 11:38

X-Runner Challenge, aka Stags Ironman Championship, at Holme Pierrepont Watersports Centre
Saturday 29 June 2013

Stagsnet report by Spiritater

So there they were all waiting at the start line amid the throng of the last block of runners to go. There had been various starting times as a mass start with amount that had entered would have been a bloodbath at the first obstacle which was a 12 foot wall of straw bales. The starter was pumping all the competitors up with loud music and trying to get them to sing and jump up and down. Our boys in the main just looked a bit bemused at it all and then the starter shouted,
'Are you ready Mansfield'?
Stevo just shook his head and smiled. The countdown came 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! and to a loud boom and fireworks off they went. Dempster seemed to think it was a 100mtr dash and went off like a scolded cat (he'll burn himself out I thought).
As soon as they'd thrown themselves over the straw bale wall they disappeared from my sight to face the horrors beyond. I stayed fairly close to the finish area and waited for them to reappear at the end of the first lap (2 lap course). Stevo had a 30 secondish lead over the chasing duo of Jamie McGuire (I think it was him anyway) and Nathan with our Ross and Blacky looking good. It was suprising at how strung out they'd become after one lap. They were all thoroughly black with mud by now.
Mega moment for Godfrey Poku came when he went down the water slide into the lake then realised he couldn't swim the 15 mtr gap to the other side (sensibly he used a life jacket 2nd time around).

Stevo's lead grew, but credit Nathan and Jamie they kept it down to about a minute I reckon. All 3 looked comfortable, which was more than could be said for some of the others. For some strange reason Lindon thought it wise to do an Xtreme Obstacle run in footwear which looked a cross between ballet shoes and beach sandals.....needless to say he found it challenging. Sam Clucas finished minus a shoe but with a smile. They all did well although I can't say whether they'd all enjoyed themselves as some looked totally shattered, but no doubt in the car park after nice cool drink they'll have changed their minds. Malta will be a breeze after this.
I've no idea which team won as the gaffer was taking them all somewhere in the Ladybay area to present the trophy.

So Lee Stevenson is Iron Stag 2013.

All in all a most pleasantly spent 4 hours.

Footnote: Notable absentees The Greens, Briscoe, and Andy Todd.

Oh yes I have to mention the club physio (Simon Murphy) who also did the run and did very well indeed. About 6 or 7th back in.

Coxy didn't run by the way.

Footnote 2: Ex-Eastwood keeper Ian Deakin has signed as back up for Marriott. Deakin ran today in the challenge. What a baptism of fire for him.
Felt a bit sorry for him as being as not many knew who he was he didn't get much vocal support.

Holme Pierrepont visit this weekend
mansfieldtown.net 26th June 2013

Manager Paul Cox wants supporters to visit Holme Pierrepont this Saturday, when our squad compete in the ‘X-Runner Challenge’ as part of their Pre-Season training programme.

Read more at http://www.mansfieldtown.net/news/article/holme-pierrepont-visit-this-weekend-881652.aspx?#1mf6eC9vV7Fhz5lq.99

The ‘X-Runner Challenge’ is set to test many aspects of our players’ physical and mental strength, and will consist of running, swimming and much, much more.

Our squad will be split into two groups, before they then go head-to-head in an attempt to win a trophy that has been specially produced for what will be a marathon event.

“The day will be a good team-building exercise, which will add to our team spirit,” said our boss.

“With the event being based in Nottingham, it would be nice to see a few supporters come down and cheer the lads on as they tackle what will be a tough assault course.”

Supporters wishing to attend are advised that the event is scheduled to begin at 2.30pm. For easy reference, the postcode for Holme Pierrepont is NG12 2LU



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