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22nd June 2013 10:28

SFU Fans Forum
Kevin Bird Suite, One Call Stadium, 13 June 2013
Panel: John Radford (Chairman), James Beachill (Financial Director), Paul & Tina Broughton (Joint Operations Directors), Steve Middleton (Director).
Forum chaired by Darren Shaw (Non-Executive Director and SFU).
Lasted about two hours. Approx 120 in attendance (Martin’s estimate).

Martin’s rough notes - please contact me (email address on Stagsnet Latest News page) if something is not quite accurate , I’ve done my best to transcribe faithfully from my notes. Please don’t paste elsewhere without my agreement.

Darren Shaw opened the forum by thanking John Radford for delivering his promises of getting promotion back to the Football League and the ground back. Rapturous applause for John Radford.

Question (Andrew Stafford): I wrote a letter to the CHAD .. (he went on to ask several questions on Doncaster, ownership of ground and £3million price, break even figure for attendance).
John Radford: supported Doncaster financially because of business in Doncaster. Re ownership of ground: I had to pull a rabbit out of the hat to ensure done in time to be ready for promotion last season (2011/12). Re £3million price for ground: That’s the wrong price, it was less than that, but I’m not disclosing the amount. Player budget can’t be more than 55% of club turnover. Would be nice if more people came into the board room, even though had a recent fallout in the board room. Anyone coming onto the board would HAVE to be a Mansfield fan. Break even figure for attendance is 4200-4500. The BSP prize money for winning title was £72K and (joking) agents/players wanted all of it.

Question (Pete Wright): On allocated seating, I’m a season ticket holder, if I bring a friend can we sit together?
Paul Broughton: You can’t re-sell your seat. On a lesser game, we can arrange something. We’re going to be allocated seating. We are talking with Medoc who are supplying our ticketing solution. For smaller games, we are in the middle of finding out how we can do it, we’re hoping we can. We can only get above 90% S-factor with SAG by going to allocated seating.
John Radford: There is no problem here. If the stadium is half empty, there will be no problem if you want to move to sit together, providing you stay in the same block. The security people will use common sense.
Paul Broughton: But you can’t sit in someone else’s seat.

Question on North Stand.
John Radford: I’d love to have the North Stand back for our home supporters. But it’s a Policing issue. Not going to happen in the next year or so.

Question (Andy Perrin): Ticket priority for away games where we don’t get enough tickets for everyone who wants one?
John Radford: We’ll give priority to season ticket holders first, and then fans members groups.

Question: What is happening with Bishop Street stand?
John Radford: We’ll have to build it ourselves; it won’t happen this season; maybe next season. More urgent is training facilities. We won’t be using Spider Park any more. In addition to the state-of-the-art One Call Sports Hall, we have purchased land for a new facility in Pleasley. Rainworth are also helping us. And Mez is doing some work on the training pitch here.

Question: Any news on signings?
John Radford: You’ve got to play your cards close to your chest.

Question (Dan Worthington): Aspirations for next season?
John Radford: Would like to achieve top dog. I feel we’ve got stability, and if players continue their good form, no reason why we can’t do really well.

Question (David Cross): On behalf of London and SE Stags, travelling to 23 home games is too expensive, could a ticket be available for a handful of games? Lincoln did a 6 game season ticket. Kent Cricket do a 6 game membership but also a variety of models to make people who can’t go to every game still feel part of the club.
Paul Broughton: Everything is possible. Won’t be able to do it this season. We are looking at a voucher system. Maybe something like a 10 game voucher system. Perhaps you (London & SE Stags) could get together and share a season ticket - note that you can pass your season ticket to someone else if you can’t go, providing they are same category (eg. adult or concession etc).

Question (Andrew Stafford, again): I think you’re wrong not making Bishop Street a priority.
Tina Broughton: It will cost £1000 per seat to upgrade it.
John Radford: The possibility of buying houses on Bishop Street is on hold. We are spending £50k on upgrading the changing rooms. Bishop Street will be sorted next season, not this season.
Tina Broughton: We’re spending £148,000 on the ground just to get it up to Football League standing. Including brand new floodlight bulbs and upgrading dressing rooms.
John Radford: I’d love a terrace on Bishop Street but ..
Tina Broughton: .. SAG will not allow us to go back to terracing. Once you go to all seater you can't go back to terracing.


Question: about Malta trip
John Radford: to get some sun on the players’ backs. Anyone who wants a drink in Malta, I’ll buy you a drink in St Julians. By the way, Carolyn’s pregnant and she wants to be hidden until she’s had our baby.

Question (Chris Fryatt): Will the wrangle with the ex-directors have a detrimental effect on the running of the club, accepting that we should not be told the details of the situation?
Darren Shaw: SFU offered to get everyone around a table for a solution - hopefully will take place soon.
John Radford: I’m going to meet Andrew and Steve next Tuesday. I’m confident the club is secure. I need to mend bridges with Andrew and Steve. But our solicitors are confident we’re ok.

Question (Andy Gallagher): Are we closer to online ticketing?
Paul Broughton: We’re close.

Question: about Greene King beer at the ground.
Answer: They’ve stopped sponsoring our shirt. But one year more of their beer, we are tied in.

Question: about new kit.
John Radford: New kit arrives tomorrow, photo shoot tomorrow with a launch. It is manufactured by Sturridge. Shirt is blue and yellow - as close to amber as you can get.

Question: Any plan to change the badge?
John Radford: Not for the next 2 seasons, as not changing the shirt for 2 seasons. It is on the board agenda though at every meeting. We will consult the fans.

Question: on Matt Green.
John Radford: We’ve made an offer to Matt. He’s thinking about it. We can’t stop him going to a Championship club. Matt knows we are looking at other strikers.

Question: on buying tickets.
Tina Broughton: New ticket office on order. Will staff 6 people.

Question: Will we get more media coverage now we’re in the football league? Will Radio Nottingham do commentary on the radio?
John Radford: We will get more media coverage, like the Football League Show.

Question: about the council helping the club.
John Radford: The council are helping us with the land at Pleasley. Mind you they are charging us quite a lot!

Question: Your highs and lows so far?
John Radford: Low: Cox Out banners. Some fans giving in on our manager after just a few games. One of the highs: Liverpool game. (Jokingly) I've learnt how to say No to people ( ie Supporters/players/managers) and to change all staff.

Question: about John Radford’s helicopter.
John Radford: Doing my exam next Friday.

Question: any plans if .. (can’t recall wording .. but basically if you die).
John Radford: No plans. You’ll just have to put up with me trying to stay alive.

Question: Are you looking forward to the new season?
John Radford: Buzzing for games like Chesterfield.

Question: Plans for the open day?
Answer: Will be announced shortly.

Question: on Paul Cox contract?
John Radford: Contract with Paul Cox takes him beyond next season. I’ve got a good enough relationship with him for him to stay.

Darren Shaw thanks the panel. More rapturous applause.


Ground improvements to cost £148,000
mansfieldtown.net 14th June 2013

Chairman John Radford confirmed last night that the club have had to invest £148,000 towards ground improvements, in order for us to be eligible for the Football League.

Read more at http://www.mansfieldtown.net/news/article/ground-improvements-to-cost-148000-867997.aspx#bfm3sVYQfQpJYTiw.99

Included within the cost of these improvements, which are being carried out at One Call Stadium throughout this summer, are brand new floodlights and new dressing rooms.

However, the Bishop Street Stand will stay as it is for the forthcoming campaign, with money instead being spent on other resources - including new training facilities.

Our supremo, whose investment has been pivotal in recent years, discussed a wide variety of other matters at a Fans' Forum which lasted for approximately two hours.

Mr Radford was joined by James Beachill (Financial Director), Paul & Tina Broughton (Joint Operations Directors), Steve Middleton (Director) and Darren Shaw (Non-Executive Director) on the top table.

The other key points emerging from the Fans' Forum were as follows:

- In addition to the state-of-the-art One Call Sports Hall, the Club have purchased land for a new facility in Pleasley. Our previous training facility at Spider Park will no longer be used.

- Renovating the Bishop Street Stand would cost approximately £1,000 per seat, according to Joint Operations Director Tina Broughton.

- John Radford would love to see the North Stand used by home supporters, but conceded this is not possible at present.

- Our chairman will also meet behind-closed-doors with former directors Andy Saunders and Steve Hymas next week, to “build bridges”.

- Our next home shirt, which is due to be released in the coming days, will have a life-span of two seasons



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