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8th December 2010 22:09

Mon 6 Dec 2010

John Radford on the BBC Non-League show - don't miss it --->

Podcast of the full show available here --->


The segment with the interview with John Radford is here

Some highlights of what John Radford said:

We're not a club in crisis - just another stage in our progress.
Radford didn't want to put money into Haslam's pocket, with court case coming up - but was willing to put it into Escrow.
Haslam tried to wind the club up.
On grounds: Notts County offered ground on first day of lockout.
Ground dispute could take a couple of years to resolve if it goes to court.
If Haslam wants to settle, Radford will listen to sensible offers and is prepared to pay a reasonable amount to get the ground back.
On manager: Russell will get another game, but Radford is after someone with experience: two names + Russell still in the running.


AUDIO: The Big Interview with John Radford --->


Tue 07 Dec 2010

Chairman John Radford updates our fans on events at Field Mill and reveals our new manager will be announced next week.

Mr Radford is in conversation with our Head of Media & Communications Mark Stevenson. We apologise for the below-par quality of this interview. Unfortunately, our usual recording equipment is currently inaccessible.

In an exclusive interview with http://www.mansfieldtown.net Mr Radford tells us:

- He is determined to bring the 'Haslam era' to a total end

- His gratitude to Notts County, Alfreton, Eastwood and officials at Ilkeston for offering their grounds to us

- A new temporary home should be announced over the next few days

- How he understands that plans are 'out there' to build a new stadium

- How getting back Field Mill could take up to a year

- He will now be pumping in more money to the club, in addition to the £500,000 investment which he announced upon his take over in September

- That he knows who he wants as manager of the club and will announce his decision next Tuesday


Radford set for lengthy legal battle
mansfieldtown.net, Tue 07 Dec 2010
Chairman John Radford says that returning to Field Mill is likely to depend on the outcome of ongoing investigations into Keith Haslam.


Speaking exclusively to mansfieldtown.net, Mr Radford stated that an agreement is unlikely to be reached with our former landlord following his decision to terminate our lease on the stadium.

Arrangements are being made to find an alternative playing venue whilst solicitor's are ready to launch legal proceedings against Mr Haslam concerning dividend payments made to his company Stags Ltd.

He said: "I think it will be a long process but I'm very pleased with the response we've had from nearby clubs to use their facilities - Ilkeston, Alfreton, Worksop, Eastwood and Notts County.

"Steve Barker (CEO) is going to visit a few of the clubs today (Wednesday) and we hope to announce something in the next two days.

"In regards to getting the ground back from Haslam, it's going to be a longer legal process. The man says he loves the club but then puts locks on the gates.

"Keith can resolve this situation by replying to the letter we have sent him but I'm still waiting for a reply. I have asked for a reply by the 9th December.

"There was a small clause in the lease so I was aware of (the repossession) maybe happening. I thought that Keith would accept that we had put the (rent) money aside for him in a bank account controlled by his solicitors.

"If Mr Haslam comes up and offers the ground for a reasonable price then I will buy it off him and drop the case. The man has been unreasonable so far so it depends on who's got the deepest pockets in court I feel.

"It might be completely legal what he did or it might be illegal but it's down to the lawyers now guys."

Mr Radford took the opportunity to reassure supporters that the club continues to function normally behind the scenes during this interim period whilst proximity to Mansfield will be a major consideration in any decision to relocate. FA regulations stating that clubs promoted to the Football League must have full ownership or at least a 10-year lease on their stadium will also be fully adhered to.

He added: "I would like to keep Field Mill as our ground. My heart wants to stay at Field Mill but the ground issue had to come to a head and it's down to legal now.

"My boardroom (at One Call's HQ in Doncaster) has been turned into Mansfield Town's centre of operations so there's no problem there.

"The ground staff have been given jobs helping out my maintenance teams until we find a new ground.

"The fans are from Mansfield so we don't want to travel too far. We don't want every game to be like an away game.

"As I have always said: thank you for your help and support. Your encouragement I appreciate. I will do my best to bring this Haslam era to a certain end."

The Chairman ended by telling supporters that an announcement would be made concerning the identity of our new manager early next week.

"I know who it is in my head but I'm not announcing anything yet as there have been enough things going on this week," he said.

"It will be next Tuesday and I will announce it to the Chad first. I do not think I will change my mind now."

Please note that an extended interview is still to come on mansfieldtown.net.




Radford: "I know who it is in my head now but I am not going to announce it yet. There's enough going on at the club at the moment. We have interviewed quite a few potential managers and I've had the help of (non-executive directors) Andrew Saunders, Steve Middleton and Steve Hymas along with (chief executive) Steve Barker. We've short listed them and we pretty much think we've got to the bottom of it. There's one little factor which we still need to sort out so that's why I'm leaving it until next Tuesday. The weather has caused us a lot of problems and put us back by a week, while there are still a few signatures that need to be sorted. A week is a long time in football but I don't think that I will change my mind now. I won't say anything more now until next Tuesday."



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