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3rd December 2010 0:10

Stags Fans United Statement

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Stags Fans United would like to wholeheartedly condem the actions of Stags Ltd in evicting Mansfield Town Football Club from their traditional home. Football has been played on the site since 1861 and been home to the Stags since1921.
We believe that this is the act of a man who has brought nothing but turmoil to the club for 15 years. Hopefully, it will lead to the severing of all ties between Keith Haslam and Mansfield Town Football Club on a permanent basis.
John Radford can rely on our full support in pursuing legal action against Stags Ltd and Keith Haslam to recover any monies unlawfully paid to them by the football club.
We would encourage all supporters of Mansfield Town to do the same. Patience and understanding may be required with some of the necessary decisions that will have to be taken, but the long term prosperity of Mansfield Town Football Club requires solid foundations to be established.


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