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19th July 2010 21:45


Premier League Commits £6m of Financial Support to the Football Conference -

16 July 2010

Football Conference club development fund to be launched

The Premier League today announced a solidarity package with the Football Conference worth £6m over the next three seasons.

Following the £1m payment made to the Football Conference in 2009/10 the Premier League has decided to provide funding for seasons 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 that will support all Football Conference clubs.

The funding will be split into general payments made to all sixty-eight Conference clubs and a separate club development fund which any Conference club can apply to for specific projects.

The funding will be structured in the following way:

£1.2m per season provided as funds to support all Football Conference clubs.

£800,000 per season committed to a new club development fund to which all Conference clubs can apply.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: “The Premier League and our member clubs recognise the importance of the continued health of football outside the Football League and it is with this in mind that we have made this commitment to the Football Conference.

“In particular, we are extremely pleased to be working with the Football Conference to establish a new club development fund that will allow Conference clubs, all extremely important within their local communities, to invest more funds into local youth development and good cause initiatives.”

Football Conference chairman Brian Lee said: “This is a further wonderful gesture of friendship from the Premier League towards the Football Conference.

“The solidarity commitment for three years is most welcome whilst the new funding will allow our clubs to express themselves in a tangible form for the benefit of their communities. We accept the challenge with gratitude.”


York City welcome Premier League backing Conference


York City are delighted with the news that the Premier League is to help the Football Conference teams financially.

The Premier League are to donate a package worth £6m over three years that will be split between the 68 Conference clubs and a separate development fund.

York City communications director Sophie Hicks told BBC Radio York: "It's a fantastic boost.

"It's quite unexpected so we're delighted. It could lead to York City obtaining £25,000 each season."

Hicks added: "We're not quite sure of the exact figures or how it's going to be split at this point but it's really positive news and I think it's about time we're seeing the upper echelons of football supporting the teams and plight of teams in non-league football."

The funding is expected to provide £1.2m per season as funds to support all Football Conference clubs and £800,000 per season to a club development fund. All Conference clubs can apply to the fund for specific projects.

Hicks said: "It really helps to plug the gap. York City notoriously loses money.

I've got to say it's tough times for York City at the moment

"It is a very difficult business. Without the sale of a player or Wembley appearances, big events, cup runs, the club loses around £350,000 a year so this really helps.

"There is a deficit in terms of our youth programme so it will help.

"But I've got to say it's tough times for York City at the moment.

"It's tough times for all the clubs. Commercial revenue is down significantly because of the economic climate.

"The sponsors aren't there as they used to be. It just helps to plug the gaps really."



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