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5th April 2009 23:23

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Moses: Stags didn't deserve that
Full story at Evening Post website here

ADIE Moses insists Mansfield stood up well to the battle at Histon – and didn't deserve to lose 3-0.
The experienced central defender was also reasonably happy with the team's overall performance, despite the scoreline.
"The result is very disappointing because by and large I didn't think we deserved it," said Moses.

"We knew what we were going to be up against with the long throws and corners.
"We dealt with it up until just before half-time but then individual errors have cost us.
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Moses rejected the idea that it was the worst Mansfield had played since David Holdsworth took over as manager.
He said: "It was never going to be the best football spectacle because of how they play.
"At times we played some good stuff, even if it wasn't always the best. Sometimes you have to consider what you are up against."


Holdsworth knows Stags still have long way to go
Evening Post

MANSFIELD'S defeat at Histon shows why more changes have to be made in the summer, says David Holdsworth.
The Stags boss has already brought in a raft of new personnel since being given the job late last year.
But after seeing his side lose, he insists the shake-up is far from over.
"I think we all know we need to make a step up. This is why we are halfway up the league," said Holdsworth.
"We have to look at each game, but we also have to look at the bigger picture.
"We have to improve the quality in the squad. That is painful for the players to hear, but they are fighting for their futures.
"I'm aware there are a lot of things we need to improve on, but you can't do it overnight."
Holdsworth felt Mansfield competed well in the first half, but were made to pay for defensive mistakes.
The Stutes scored twice in four minutes just before the break to take command.
He said: "It was a painful night for us and a big learning curve for some of the players.
"I thought we played some very good stuff in the first half and I didn't feel we were under threat.
"But having gone 1-0 down when Alan (O'Hare) and Adie (Moses) got caught out, we had a chance to clear down the line but didn't. If it had been a Histon player it would have finished up in the river. At 2-0 down we then found ourselves nearly out of reach."
Holdsworth brought in Aaron O'Connor and Alan O'Hare for starts in place of Louis Briscoe and Paul Mayo.
"I had a few players with niggles. Daryl (Clare) was feeling his knee, Duffers (Rob Duffy) and Louis (Briscoe) their hamstrings and Stalls was ill," he said.
"There are a lot with tired legs, but Aaron was fresh.
"I just felt Paul has had a couple of games where he has not been on the ball and Alan competed well apart from one lapse in concentration.
"Paul Mayo has been a very good player for us, but I had to make a judgement."


Holdsworth's horrible evening as Stags lose 3-0
CHAD, By Stephen Thirkill
DISAPPOINTED Mansfield Town manager David Holdsworth couldn't wait to get away from Histon after his side's 3-0 defeat on Tuesday evening.
After the promotion chasing Cambridgeshire side had dismantled the Stags with their route one style of football, he told Chad: "It was a horrible place to come against horrible football and the best thing about this place is the road home."

The Stags had appeared to weather the home storm before two goals just before half-time put Histon in control.

The home side added a third late on as Town struggled to find a way back into the match.

Holdsworth reflected: "When the ball is in your vicinity you have to stay switched on and we did not do that for their first goal.

"It just shows what can happen in 30 seconds, we failed to score and they went up the other end and scored.

"I thought we played some good stuff in the first half and didn't feel under threat until the two quick goals.

"It was a horrible place to come against horrible football and the best thing about this place is the road home.

"Having gone 1-0 down you have to make the right decisions; we tried to play football whereas Histon would have kicked it into the river behind.

"Now we have to learn from this so that the next time we come down here we can put in a much better performance.

"We are trying to improve this club, but it is going to take time. It can't happen overnight.

"We need to have a dressing room equipped to achieve this."

Captain Moses added: "I didn't think we deserved to lose like that. The scoreline looks like we got hammered, but I don't think that we did.

"We made two errors and we have to learn from that because it cost us. We have let ourselves down a bit tonight.



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