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22nd February 2009 23:46

Stags fan sentenced for attacking Keith Haslam
CHAD.co.uk, 19 February 2009,
By Ashley Booker
A MANSFIELD Town fan convicted of attacking the club's controversial owner Keith Haslam was sentenced on Thursday morning.
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Stephen Hymas (46), of Poplar Grove, Forest Town, was given 100 hours' unpaid work as part of a 12 month community order –– and told to pay £100 compensation to Mr Haslam plus £1,000 court costs.

Hymas was found guilty of punching Mr Haslam at Field Mill after a two-day trial at Mansfield magistrates last month.

He hit Mr Haslam at the end of the final home game of last season in April last year –– but was cleared of kicking him.

He had denied the accusations, which arose after an incident at the end of the match against Rotherham.

Magistrates were told upto 20 people had gathered in the corridor outside the boardroom as the game was ending - with others trying to storm the front of the boardroom.

In the hostile and threatening atmosphere, many fans were chanting against Mr Haslam.

Hymas was among some fans who got into the boardroom on 26th April.
Mr Haslam suffered a minor eye injury in the attack and was taken to King's Mill Hospital for treatment.

The court heard he claimed to have received threatening letters if he continued legal action against Mr Hymas and that he had received treatment for depression after the incident.

He was attacked at the height of a supporters campaign urging him to sell the club - with many fans blaming him for the eventual relegation to non-league football.

Just months earlier Hymas - who owns building company Hymas Homes - had been part of the James Derry consortium which failed in a bid to buy the club from Mr Haslam.

In mitigation, Mr Hymas solicitor Paul King told the court the incident happened 'when spirits were running high' and that his client was unlikely to run into Mr Haslam again.

Magistrates considered handing Mr Hymas a football banning order, but decided it was not appropriate.

"The purpose of the banning order is to prevent violence at football matches and we do not think that it would be appropriate here," Mr Hymas was told.

But Mr King told the court his client was 'unlikely' to have any more to do with Mansfield Town anyway.


Man sentenced for Haslam attack
Evening Post, February 19, 2009

A MAN has been sentenced for his assault on former Mansfield Town chairman Keith Haslam.
Full story at Evening Post website here

Steven Hymas, of Poplar Grove, Forest Town, was found guilty of punching Mr Haslam following a trial at Mansfield Magistrates' Court last month.
At the same court today he was given a 12-month community order with a requirement to do 100 hours of unpaid work in the community.
A victim impact statement read to the court said Mr Haslam has been taking tablets for depression as a result of the attack and the subsequent publicity.
Lisa Tunstall, prosecuting, said Mr Haslam required hospital treatment following the attack on April 26 last year. He has since been woken at night by feelings of panic.
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Miss Tunstall said he had received letters threatening him against pursuing legal action against Hymas.
Hymas, 46, was also ordered to pay costs of £1,000 and £100 in compensation to Mr Haslam within the next seven days.



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