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18th July 2008 16:34

SFFC Latest Statement
18 July 2008

Stags Fans for Change (SFFC) welcome the statement from the new owners of MTFC, both regarding fan representation on the board of the club and the urging of fans to support SFU with further donations.

We have been asked on several occasions whether we will now disband as an organisation, after the achievement of our original objective (the removal of Keith Haslam as owner). After much consideration it has been decided that the SFFC will continue to exist, albeit with a different remit. We do not intend to remain as a protest group, but will fullfil the role of "the critical friend", supportive but prepared to voice our opinions and concerns when necessary.

Over the past two years, we have developed skills in order to raise funds for our campaign and we intend to utilise this in order to support the club that we all hold dear. Currently, we are planning a gig featuring Attila The Stockbroker and Verbal Warning and are also looking into producing a Fanzine, which will be sold on match days. In addition we will continue to work in close cooperation with the other Supporters Groups in order to achieve the aims of SFU.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those supporters who backed our campaign by taking part in protests, boycotting matches or simply reading The Haslam Times. We believe it was worth it , we hope you all do aswell.

We know The Club still has to assemble a full squad of players and the new manager and owners can't be expected to achieve miracles. The SFFC calls upon all Stags fans to get behind the team and make The Blue Square Clubs fear coming to The Mill! Lets announce that Mansfield Town have arrived, but will only be staying for a short time.


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