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Archived News from December 2007

1st December 2007 21:51

Joint statement by Stags Supporters Association, TEAM Mansfield and Stags Fans for Change

1 Dec 2007

SSA, TM and SFFC are disgusted with Keith Haslam's recent press comments and decision to refuse the offer made to him by James Derry's Consortium.

As any SSA, TM or SFFC member would know following the recent fans forum, the Consortium spoke excellently and gave more vision, enthusiasm, passion and hope for our club in 3 hours that evening than Keith Haslam has ever given us in 14 years.

All we want is the opportunity for our club to breathe again and have people in control of the Stags which give us the opportunity to become the best club we can be. That will never happen under Keith Haslam.

The Consortium had, and still has, the 100% backing of all involved at SSA, TM and SFFC, and it is in our opinion that they offer the only hope of survival. Other bidders have also been unsuccessful.

Has Mr Haslam not taken enough from our club and the fantastic mistreated supporters of our club? What possible motive could there be to refuse this deal other than personal greed? The club should have transferred ownership at the latest last summer.

SSA, TM and SFFC call on Keith Haslam to finally do the right thing and hand the club over to the Consortium before Wednesday's home match with Bradford City.

Whilst fully respecting decisions of individual season ticket holders who have already paid for admission to home games, and the Manager and playing staff of our club, we firmly believe the only option left open is to call for a mass boycott of all other income streams to the club in an attempt to force Mr Haslam to do the right thing immediately.

SSA, TM and SFFC would ask all protests are carried out in a legal manner.

We believe it is shameful and an absolute disgrace that we are unable to continue operating as supporters groups trying to promote our club due to the appalling treatment and blatant disrespect handed out to us much suffering supporters by Mr Haslam.

Mr Haslam is toying with thousands of people who live and care for Mansfield Town FC and the proud history, fabric and future existence of our beloved club and it is absolutely the time to finally do the right thing at long last and hand our club over to people that care.

Enough is Enough.


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