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23rd January 2007 20:07

Statement by Stags Fans For Change
23 Jan 2007

SFFC petition results so far

Many people we spoke to on Saturday said that they hoped that they would be able to read the response from Stags fans to the survey held before the Walsall game. The following are the current statistics:

Do you want Keith Haslam Out of MTFC ASAP:

Yes - 618
No - 2
Don't know - 1

Would you support a one match boycott?

Yes - 318

No - 303

The total figure represents 25% of the home fans on Saturday - an astounding response on the day when you consider that some people had not heard about the SFFC at that stage.

The SFFC would like to stress that this is only stage one in the survey process. There will be opportunities for people to give their response to the survey at forthcoming home and away games.

It is vital that we sample as many fans as possible on this issue and we would especially like to hear from and record the opinions of those who may not agree with our aims. Statistically speaking we could very easily argue that projections regarding the whole fan base could be made with such a sample but we do not want to run the risk of the survey being undermined by those wishing to discredit the findings.

The SFFC urges Stags fans that hold any opinion on Keith Haslam's running of MTFC to let us know your views - only then can we gauge the real opinion of fans. We could estimate the number of fans in support of Mr Haslam from the comments made on the day but we would rather have real evidence.

We would like to say a huge thank you to those who took the time to sign the petition and to those who disagree with us but took the time to discuss the issue in a reasonable manner.

The online petition is being dealt with as a matter of urgency and should be on the SFFC site in the next few days - http://www.stagsfansforchange.co.uk

We will of course be making the final results known to the media as well as all other parties, including Mr Haslam.


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