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31st December 2006 11:21

StagsMAD.co.uk, 31 December 2006

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StagsMAD editor talks about the 'Haslam Out' flag that made the news out in Australia......

Following the news that after just one day, the StagsMAD 'Haslam Out' flag had made the Australian media, editor Michael spoke from his Australian base to say "The news came as somewhat of a surprise, at first we wondered what the hell was going off, as one of the party we were with had received a text saying that in the media, there was a story citing that a racist comment was being displayed on an English flag, only for them to realize that the words instead said Haslam Out. I then rushed out to buy a copy of the paper, and from then on, was in complete hysterics at the article. How could the Australian media be so thick we all thought".

"Luckily the article has led to some publicity to the campaign, and although it started out as a bad looking piece, the newspaper carried an explanation in the original article as well as the following day."

"We struggled to get the flag displayed at the MCG on Boxing Day, and as we were sat on the bottom tier, had to display it on the next level up, obviously the poor weather that day led to the confusion surrounding it's content."

"When I purchased the flag just prior to coming out to Australia, I never ever thought we would get that sort of publicity, job done me thinks, but look out for it in Sydney!"


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