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29th December 2006 19:01

Haslam hasslers
The Age (Melbourne Daily Paper), December 29, 2006


YESTERDAY, the Tonk mentioned the mystery over a St George flag bearing the message "Haslam Out". Several readers have assisted us in our inquiries as to the identity of said "Haslam". In keeping with such flags, it involves a tiny English football club. League Two (old third division) struggler Mansfield Town has a long-time chairman called Keith Haslam and, evidently, some cricket fans who travelled to Australia this summer want him gone. Either that or they were passing on news from Mansfield's annual staff cricket match.
Sydney Morning Herald, December 28, 2006


The spectre of racism appeared to rear its ugly head at the MCG when some sharp eyes in the press box noticed a St George flag draped from the Great Southern Stand bearing not the name of the owner's favourite football or cricket team, but a simple inflammatory message: Islam Out. Thundering editorials were being cranked up and the police were about to be called. And then the wind blew, straightening out said flag and making us all feel like dills. If anyone knows who or what this "Haslam" is that people want out so much, please let us know.


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