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8th March 2006 16:04

Keith Haslam audio interview from BBC RADIO NOTTINGHAM, 07March06: listen to the audio here
Keith Haslam on his future at Field Mill

Stags chairman Keith Haslam says he won't be going anywhere unless he gets an attractive offer for the club.

Mansfield Town supporters' main gripe with the club's chairman Keith Haslam was over his decision to take out an interest-free personal loan from the club - which he did eventually pay back.

However, Haslam hasn't paid back a loan of £583,449 that went to his holding company, Stags Limited, to buy land for an academy which still hasn't been built.

In February 2006 Keith Haslam invited supporters' group Team Mansfield to make a bid for the League Two club. Team Mansfield eventually decided not to table an offer claiming Haslam's valuation of the club was too high.

Haslam on his future...

"Unless someone makes me an offer that I find very attractive I won't be going anywhere."

On his popularity...

"I don't think there's too many clubs where the chairman is the best loved person at a football club."

"I can't influence some of the supporters who take certain views, maybe they listen to the wrong people."

On the team...

"We've got a young squad, that's an improving squad. Peter [Shirtliff] is getting on with his job, doing an excellent job with the players... we're taking the club on."

"We just spent £50,000 in January. We're in a strong position and we're investing."

On paying back the Stags Limited loan...

"It's just an inter-company loan. Most football clubs don't own their own freeholds, they're owned by either a parent company or a subsidiary."

"It's in the group's money. The Stags is part of the group of companies - there's no reason for it to be transferred."


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