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4th January 2006 14:26

In response to the CHAD articles, Graham Parker was quick to offer this statement:

As many of you will have read the article in the Chad this week, I am left with no option but to clarify the situation with the following statement.

At no point was any canister of any sort taken into Field Mill by any party involved in the demonstration at the Bristol Rovers game. Contrary to the statement made in the Chad by John Sidney, the balloons were in fact all inflated with nothing but air from the demonstrators' lungs.

I and my colleagues would at no time whatsoever condone or conduct any action that would threaten the health and safety of any person whilst we peacefully make people aware of the actions of the Chaiman of Mansfield Town FC.

I would personally like to see John Sidney produce evidence to show that any noxious gas was used to inflate those ballooons and seeing as he has publicly stated that I was seen on camera with the balloons, I feel sure he must have video evidence of them being inflated in the manner that he indicates; I certainly have several witnesses that will testify to the contrary.

I will be taking up the offer to meet with John Sidney to discuss his comments and the actions of the executives of MTFC in this matter. I am taking his remarks personally and consider it a matter detrimental to my personal and professional reputation.

I would like to thank all those who have offered their support in this matter.
Parker's statement was quickly backed up by other fans involved in the protest, including Merv England:

Can I personally back Graham up here. I together with two friends joined him and his friends for the balloon protest, and I am proud to say that my own lungs were personally responsable for inflating a couple of dozen of them.
Any claim regarding the use of gas, and the taking of gas in to the stadium is totally untrue and outragous. I would also like to have any video evidence (which we all know that there will not be) handed over to the afore mentioned "horrified" County Council representatives as the proof of their claims.


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