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13th June 2005 23:52

Chesterfield official site
13 June 2005

The 23 year old, former Republic of Ireland Youth International, was the Stags' top scorer last season with 11 goals, and netted 25 goals in 92 games for the club, since his move to Field Mill from Wolves three years ago for a transfer fee of £125,000.

Chesterfield manager Roy McFarland said: "I am delighted that Colin has decided to join the Spireites as there has been plenty of competition from other clubs for his signature. He is another important part of the jigsaw as we look to enhance the team with more quality players."

Last week Chesterfield signed the highly-rated Tranmere Rovers wide player Paul Hall on a two year contract and are now reported to be in talks with an unnamed current international player.
Colin Larkin Interview from
Chesterfield Official Site:

Question.Well Colin Larkin, you've signed for Chesterfield, what's it feel like coming across from the other side of the motorway?

Colin. It's really really strange, I'll probably get some stick for it, but I mean a chance to come and play for a bigger club in a higher division was to be honest was impossible to turn down.

Q. There's a lot of interest though isn't there?

C. Yeah, I've had interest from the likes of Peterborough, Darlington, Chester, there's teams back in Ireland as well. I wanted to stay in England, but obviously, like I said, the chance to play in a higher division was impossible to turn down.

Q. What sort of a player are you then, just describe yourself to us.

C. I'm versatile, I play up from, but I can also play on either wing. I'm a very quick lad, and I score goals, got good movement and that basically just sums me up really.

Q. So what are your aims for the season?

C. Well, mainly to get in the team, hopefully finish top scorer, and hopefully chesterfield to get promoted.

Q. That's great. Just tell us, there was quite a lot of publicity just recently about a public row with Carlton Palmer, what was all that about?

C. At the end of the day, I didn't get a look in I was probably earning a decent wage and Carlton was looking to get all the big wage players out and get some young lads in for less money. But, I mean, how he went about it was disappointing. To be honest, I did enjoy my time at Mansfield, and I had a lot of up's and downs, more ups than downs, but the way I was treated towards the end was something else. I mean, I was accused of all sorts, faking injury, showing no desire, not being committed to the club, I mean, the club never offered me a contract, so I honestly didn't know how they could say that I wasn't committed, but I mean, his decision has made me better off in the end, I have a chance to play in a higher division and come and play for Chesterfield.

Q. So you're not really a bad boy?

C. No, not at all, not at all. People who know me, friends, family, people inside football that I have spoken to. I've played under 9 managers and haven't had any problems from all of them, obviously apart from one which was Carlton. But I've spoke to Carlton and everything's fine, he had to do what he had to do and obviously I've got to do what I've got to do.

Q. Roy McFarland of course was very keen to sign you?

C. Yeah definitely, the good thing about Roy was he was the first manager to ring me. Obviously I kept speaking to Keith Curle because he's a good friend, but it's down to someone wanting to really sign me. Roy came in and spoke to me and I was really pleased. I met him on a couple of occasions as well, nothing illegal Mansfield told me I wasn't going to get offered a contract so was really happy with Roy, a really top man, him in the league, he basically told me what they're coming from, what the training's going to be like and what they expect of me, and obviously I was really happy with that and it made my decision more easier.

Q. Tell us about your career then, because you actually started as a trainee at Wolves.

C, Yeah, I went to Wolves when I was 16, moved over to England, made my debut when I was 17, scored. Played 4 times, it was difficult because of the top quality strikers they had there was unbelievable. I went on loan to Kidderminster for a season, played right wing all season, scored 7 goals and made 30 odd appearances and really enjoyed myself. I'd just signed a three year deal with Wolves, but I'd got the taste for first team football and really wanted to get out and prove myself and to be honest, I wasn't prepared to wait another 2 years for that opportunity at Wolves, so Mansfield came in and paid £135,000 for me and so I went to Mansfield, and the rest is history really.

Q. But before that Colin, as a lad you played football, and I gather you played Gaelic football?

C. Yeah, yeah, really every sport I've played , but as a youngster I was really good at Gaelic, but it all came down to making a decision between Gaelic and soccer and soccer won all day long, but I really enjoyed Gaelic and I try and play a bit when I go home in the summer and that, not at club level, just mess about with my mates because I still enjoy it. In training I tend to pick up a ball and run about the field with it, but as in terms of when I had to choose the decision it was very easy to pick football, well soccer.

Q. You used to play Gaelic football with Alan O'Hare?

C. I used to play with Alan, I used to play against him. Likewise soccer, I've known Alan since I was 8 years old, we played in the Dundalk team together, we went basically all round Ireland playing for our local team. I've played against him on numerous occasions and I mean to come to Chesterfield and have a mate like that, ready and waiting just to settle me in as well was a lot more easier as well.

Q. Now, lets just have a look at this, let me give you a couple of options now and just see what answer pops out.

Q. Big Brother or Celebrity Love Island?

C. Big Brother

Q. Pasta or Beans on Toast?

C. Pasta

Q. BMW or Mercedes?


Q. Keith Curle or Carlton Palmer?

A. Keith Curle

Q. Coldplay or Black Eyed Peas?

A. Coldplay

Q. Victoria Beckham or Colleen McLaughlin?

A. Neither of them

Q. Manchester United or Liverpool?

A. Manchester U

Q. Majorca or Florida?

A. Florida

Q. Coronation Street or Emmerdale?

A. Emmerdale

Q. Right cheers, what's the rest of the summer like for you then?

A. I've been training all summer I mean I just left Mansfield there on Friday, that was my last day, but I'm going back to Ireland now for a week or so just to see some family which I haven't seen for a while, then continue training, still going into the gym, continue to do running so I can be as fit as I can be for pre-season, establish myself in the team. I know there's some good strikers here, it's going to be hard, but I mean I've got confidence in my own ability and I will score goals and that's what hopefully I can bring towards the team.

Q. As you know, Mansfield Town, deadly rivals for Chesterfield, expect a bit of stick?

A. Yeah, definitely, but I mean I've spoke to a lot of Mansfield fans, and they know where I'm coming from. I mean, I haven't left Mansfield to come to Chesterfield and I think that's the way they kind of see it, I mean I've been on the internet, and a lot has been good messages saying well, all the best and that, basically because they know the way I've been treated at Mansfield and whenever I've played they've always supported me and I think I've shown them some good times as well.

Q. Well, you're pulling on the blue shirt of Chesterfield so all the best and congratulations.

A. Cheers, thank you and I can't wait for the season to start.


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