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Archived News from November 2004

25th November 2004 21:41

Big thanks to Rob Stewart for the transcription.

Here's what Keith Haslam had to say to Mansfield 103.2´s Tony Delahunty today (25/11/04).

On the disciplinary hearing:
“I'm not a legal person, I would have expected it to be concluded a lot earlier than this. It hasn't been, because there was an allegation made and it took time for the other side, after the findings were made, to look over them and come back to us, and really that's where we are. We're now investigating what's come up from the hearing.”
“It needs resolving. Hopefully it will vindicate Keith, and he will be back in position, I would have thought early next week. We are still waiting for statements and enquiries. We will then review the situation, and if it needs another meeting with Keith, then that will be the case, but we have to go through this procedure. We want to be fair on all parties.”

On John Gannon's suspension:
“As far as I'm aware, we've got all the statements from the investigation into the John Gannon incident. That's been passed onto the lawyers now, and I'm waiting for a view from them in the very near future. It is an extensive report, and the lawyers will review it on my concern, and they will come back with their recommendation.”

“We have a player carried off on Tuesday night through concussion, we have a player sent off, we've got a right back who has been diagnosed with cancer, and we have a left back who is injured long term who is coming back from rehabilitation. We've got a loan left back in at the moment, as cover. Yes there are injuries, and we've got a striker out, who's suspended.”

On Liam Lawrence's transfer money:
“We have not had 175k from the Liam Lawrence transfer, as that money does not all come at once, it come in different pockets. There are also amounts that have to be paid out of that gross sum that goes to the football league, and maybe individual players, of what they're due out of the transfer.”

On the squad size:
“Later today, hopefully, I've got a player looking to sign for us on a permanent transfer who's coming down for a medical this afternoon – a striker. We're also in discussions with a Premier League club about another individual on a permanent transfer. And with the Baptiste situation, we're also looking for cover for him. So there could be two permanent and two loan signings before the end of the week, who could be available for this weekend. This didn't start when Keith was suspended. This was an ongoing situation well before that. I highlighted to Keith that we needed another couple of players in to strengthen the squad, and he assured me that he was looking for them. That's where the issue comes from really. It's a lot of work at the moment. I was on the phone to an agent at 11:30pm last night, and was talking to him again at 7:30am this morning. I can't tell you who the players are, because there are 7 clubs after the player that is having a medical today.”

The Team Mansfield bid:
“There is an element of supporters at every club that would like things to be conducted in a different way. I've had one lunch with two members of Team Mansfield. They asked me whether it was available, and I said, 'In the right conditions, everything is available.'”

When asked “Has there been any offer yet?”, Keith Haslam replied, “No. Absolutely nothing. There's no paper work. Nothing. They've said in the press that they're working on a bid. Now, I don't know what the bid is. It's better to ask Team Mansfield if they think a deal is likely.”

Keith Haslam then revealed there is interest from other parties about buying the club:
“There are other interested parties. You get regular calls and communications from people. There's agents all around the country investigating what clubs are available. If the conditions were right, and it was in the interest of Mansfield Town, of course I would consider selling. I've enjoyed my time at Mansfield Town, and I see no reason not to stay here in the immediate future. But, if the offer was alright, and it was in the best interests of Keith Haslam, and Mansfield Town, of course I'd consider it.
A football club is a business. It has to be run like a business, and there's been too many clubs going out of business. I run this club for the community. The only way to run this club is through the community.”

On the allegations of racism at the Boston game:
“I was at the other end with the Boston supporters. If there are allegations made from Boston about this, I'll be disappointed if they haven't come straight to Mansfield Town or myself, and the chairman give me a phone call rather than snips I've heard through the press. Nobody's contacted me about it. As soon as I get anything from the F.A or Boston, I will take it further. There is a lot of publicity about this at the moment, especially with the England game, and it didn't surprise me that a mindless minority get involved with 'it's the flavour of the month' moment”

This season:
“We're going up, I'm confident. I'm sure the fans agree they saw an excellent performance, and we deserved to win that game. And with the injuries, we couldn't get in players in time for the first game against Colchester, so they couldn't play the replay, so I think you can take out the Colchester game. I think the performances have been good, we've just not been scoring goals. We've got to address that.”
Following the interview, Mansfield 103.2´s Adam Summerton spoke to Team Mansfield´s joint chairman Jeff Barnes, who said that Team Mansfield´s offer to buy the club is in the post and will be on Keith Haslam´s desk on Friday morning.


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