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Archived News from November 2004

13th November 2004 21:12

Interview with Carlton Palmer from Mansfield 103.2 by Jason Harrison

Transcribed by Martin Shaw

We're disappointed with the result; we were the better side and we deserved to win the game. We dominated in the first half, we played particularly well, I told the players to be patient. There was no report on Colchester when I came in on Thursday. So fortunately I was able to get hold of Colin Todd and get a video on Friday morning.

I was delighted with the players. They played extremely hard and played some good football and throughout the game Pilks has made one save which was comfortable late on and we've hit the woodwork and they're happy with the draw.

Disappointed with the goal but to be fair to Luke he's not a right full back. I asked him to do a job for me. And overall he did very well. A full back who plays there every week wouldn't have allowed the cross in, but I can't be disappointed with the players, their attitude and commitment has been absolutely magnificent.

I thought Baptiste was absolutely outstanding and I thought he's proved me right in making him skipper. He was playing against a second division club and he's head and shoulders above everyone. It's probably unfair to single anyone out because I thought Artell was superb; I thought the left back was superb, I can't even remember his name {Buxton]; Dimech; I was delighted with them. They played with a little bit of freedom, a little bit confidence. I had no right sided players so I couldn't play a 4-4-2 so we did what we could with the players in there. We could and should have won the game

People don't know this: Fraser played a full 90 minutes on Wednesday but I still played him cos I know what he's like. He's not a specially talented player but he does the ugly things in the game he gets from box to box, he gets tackles in, and we dominated the midfield.

Derek's had a superb game. He spoilt it at the end. I'll watch it again but I said to him I thought he deserved to go, but I'll have a look at it again. These days if you leave the ground then you put yourself in that position. It was just a little bit of frustration with his first touch because he knew he maybe should have done better in that situation. But he'll learn from that.

{Jason: In the last 10 minutes, sections of the crowd were calling for you to be out, just 82 minutes into your first game as caretaker manager. What did you make of all that?}
Well you tell me. I've been asked to come in. I believe the club's 12th in the table. Haven't won in 6 games. Played a team a division higher and I've come in on the Thursday and we've got a result. They've booed me when I took off Corden who I believe hasn't been in the team. I took him off tactically. I took Larkin off tactically cos I thought we're down to 10 men with 5 minutes to go, I put Rhys Day on, cos he's a big man to get set pieces in there. So tactically that's what you would have done. I think this a great result for the football club. But I know what our supporters are and they may feel that Keith Curle's been unlucky or treated badly or whatever. But Keith Curle got this job through me and I helped to keep him in this job last year. I've had nothing to do with Keith Curle and what's happened with this football club. I've had a phonecall, I don't know what's gone on, and I'll do my best.

If Keith Curle is for some reason not the manager of the football club and the chairman offers me the job I'll tell you now I'll be taking it.

The players have been delighted with me and I've been delighted with them. So we'll see what goes on.

It's for everyone's benefit that it is sorted out. The chairman I think is trying to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, all I can do ... I'm delighted with the staff; I thought Dutch did well today, everybody's done what I asked that to do and we've done it in a professional manner.

We would have liked to win the game here today and we did enough to win the game here today. So, in view of the results recently, and we've been playing a team a division higher, well I'm going to go have a few beers now.

Palmer "I would love to have won the game and I thought we did enough to win it. We hit the post, got lots of crosses in and had a stone cold penalty turned down in the first half.
"I don't like to play that kind of system but with what I had in the football club I had no choice."

Colchester manager Phil Parkinson said: "It was quite an even field with both sides having to make changes and I think we could have won it.
"I thought we controlled the game but it is going to be difficult away from home when the home side plays 4-5-1 and sits back and lets us have the ball. So there wasn't a lot of goalmouth action.
"Carlton has come in and seemed to be trying to consolidate a bit.
"But I was pleased with my lads. Their attitude and commitment were as they should be and I am pleased to be in the hat and look forward to the replay."


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