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Archived News from December 2003

13th December 2003 19:29

The game was hanging on a thread. People might think Lincoln came here and turned us over. Far from it. They've had a great strike in the first half that I don't think any goalkeeper would've saved, and they've had a shot that's gone through a crowded penalty box, where we failed to deal with a long throw. They got the breaks. Lee Williamson could have dealt with the ball better on the first instance. He got dispossessed in the middle of the park but the lad's stepped up and hit a wondrous strike.

You have to give Lincoln credit. They came here to try and disrupt our play and go for something from a speculative effort or a set piece. I think we've dealt quite well with set pieces. They got the little break from the throw-in, but apart from that I don't think Kevin Pilkington was severely tested.

Adam Eaton did well. He kept our shape, played his way into the game well; he kept our balance on the left hand side.

Tuesday will be an opportunity for us to go further in the cup; an opportunity for us to get back on to winning ways. Wycombe will be organised and disciplined and they will try and catch us asleep. I think they might come here and try and play 4-5-1 and catch something on the break.

I'm a winner as a person and as a football manager. I enjoy winning, likewise I don't enjoy defeat, but I will react to it in the right way. I always bounce back.

Transcribed by Martin.


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