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Archived News from September 2003

29th September 2003 21:44

from mansfieldtown.net:
"The good thing to come out of Saturday was the unity shown, I believe that this is the first time this season that it has really shown. I am not just talking about the players who shown real grit and determination but everybody involved with this football club, the Chairman, the staff and most of all the fans who were superb showing the lads they were behind every step of the way." Said Curle.

"Many people are saying that Mansfield Town is an ill disciplined club but how can a team that plays with nine men against a full squad for the best part of an hour, with decision after decision going against them and win the game be ill disciplined? In fact it shows the exact opposite, the players were outstanding and I am proud of each and everyone of them" he added.

Even more pleasing is the news form the treatment room: Club Physio Ian Pearce, who almost got sent of the field of play himself announced that none of the players picked up any threatening knocks or bangs and the only player out injured now is Adam Eaton but even he looks like being back in training in four weeks or so.

This news not only pleases Curle but strengthens his argument that Saturday's game was not a dirty one as three sending off's and seven yellow cards would suggest. "I am sure that all the management on the park on Saturday agree that this was not a physical game a fact that is shown by the lack of activity in the treatment room" Curle insisted.

"We will be sitting down to watch the video again before deciding whether to appeal against the red cards or not, but in the meantime I am refusing to complete my referee's assessment which managers have to do at the end of a game. This form is designed to help a referee's career as all managers judge and award points to the referee and his decisions – why should I help a referee who is not willing to hear my side off the story and have me removed from the touchline?"

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