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6th February 2021 19:53

David Sharpe talked to Jake Garner on BBC Radio Nottingham about the transfer window, 5 Feb 2021:

listen to the David Sharpe interview on Radio Nottm, with some very interesting news on the George Lapslie signing:
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“There were a couple of other bits we were working on, and unfortunately in these situations there’s a bit of a domino effect where you’re waiting for one thing to happen at another club, which triggers something else at another club, and then eventually that knocks down to you. We did miss out on a couple but that’s by the by now, it’s been and gone.

“Oli (Sarkic) was one we were talking about for quite a while in January. Nigel’s obviously worked with him in the past. He wasn’t featuring much at Blackpool. It was quite a straightforward deal to get done. I know it got announced late, but it wasn’t a last 10 minute one where we just made a phonecall to get one done, it was a long time before that.

“I was in the office with Nigel and all the coaches and Simon Clough til late at night. I think we only left at 11 o’clock. It was quite a hectic day because there was potentially a few things that were going to happen which didn’t happen.

“But it didn’t stop the Nicky Maynard deal, going to Newport. We could have kept hold of him but Nigel felt that he was best to move on. Nicky had spoken to Nigel earlier in the window and I think he’d made it clear that he wanted to be playing football and coming on for 5 or 10 minutes wasn’t enough for him because he wanted a deal somewhere next season. So that was an honest conversation and good luck to Nicky at Newport.”

“Happy with the transfer window, could always be happier. We’ve trimmed the wage bill. The squad and players available to Nigel he’s very happy with.

“We managed to get George Lapslie on a permanent which was a huge bit of business for us, he was doing so well on his loan for a young midfielder, to get him when there was 4 or 5 other clubs in for him including SPL and League One. Also, not many fans will realise that he actually got recalled from his loan, we kept that quiet for 4 or 5 days, while I was working away at it, because no doubt, there would have been a meltdown from the fans, we kept that quiet and we managed to get it done. It was key that we kept him whether on loan or permanent. Our preference was permanent. He was recalled on the Friday night and thank god we didn’t have the game on the Saturday (when we should have been playing Carlisle which was postponed because of Covid). And we had the deal done by the Tuesday.

“Nigel wants players who are going to contribute every week. Nicky and Andy are quite high-earners, I’m not going to lie, and what they were contributing compared to what they were earning was not enough, and that’s not their fault, he just likes Jamie (Reid) and Jordan (Bowery) up front and Harry (Charsley) on the right. And that’s Nigel, he’s been great since he’s come in, he doesn’t want to spend money for the sake of it, and that has shown in his first window. So far so good and hopefully we can keep on going how we are doing in the league.”

(transcribed by Martin)


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