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Season 07/08 Stagsnet Match Report
Coca-Cola League 2
Stockport County  
2 - 1
 Mansfield Town
Muggleton 44, Dickinson pen 74.
 Dicker OG 39. Buxton sent off 74.
Attendance: 4982 (302 from Mansfield)
Date: 9 April 2008

report by Colin Holmes at Edgeley Park

The Stags lined up tonight knowing 3 points would see them step out of the relegation zone, for Stockport 3 points were much needed for their late rush to get an automatic promotion place.
Before the game the stats looked bleak for Mansfield, John Ruddy, Stockport's on loan keeper had manager to only let one goal in, in 8 games. Paul Holland named an unchanged side in hope they can perform on a pitch that looked more like a battlefield.
Stockport took to the game in the first half as the more dominating side, partly thanks to only a few of their players being 6 foot tall, and that height advantage nearly worked after only a few mins when Muggleton superbly stopped a Stockport head on target. It wasnt until 15 mins later when Stags had their first half chance a lovely bit of play from Hamshaw saw his cross in to meet Buxton who headed wide. It was a very quiet game for the Stags fans who were sat sharing a stand with home fans, and many had their views impaired by the huge supporting pillows, one of which hampered my view of the Stags goal, from my view Hamshaw crossed the ball, the ball disappeared, lots of Stags players and the ref went to the linesmen, then the Stags players ran back to their own half and it wasn't until fans realised the players were lining up for the kick off after the goal that the Stags fans cheered, about 2 minutes later! According to several sites, what actually happened was, Hamshaw crossed deep towards the 6 yard box, a goal mouth scramble saw the ball deflect off a Stockport player for Ruddy to appear to save the ball but it at some point crossed the line. With only 5 mins of the half left, Stags looked promising running forward but with 2 mins left Stockport managed to get a corner, which was aimed towards the far post, Muggleton got a hand to push it away, but it was not enough as the ball ended up in the back of the net, and thats the way it stayed at half time.
At the beginning of the second half Gareth Jellyman was replaced by Keith Briggs, a former Stockport man after picking up a knock. It was a very even second half played much in the air by Stockport, and much on the ground by the Stags who were hampered by the inability to string together more than 4 or 5 passes, mainly due to the unpredictability of the bounce of the ball of the pitch. It was Tommy Rowe who recieved the ball and was 25 yards out, ran at the box, a lucky bounce saw the ball and himself get past Buxton to go one and one with the keeper, but then Jake Buxton bought him down with an awful challenge, surely he would know what was coming next as the ref produced a red card leaving the Stags with 10 men. Few arguements were had with the ref about the decision and now Buxton has been banned for 2 games. It was Liam Dickson who sent the ball low to Muggleton's right to give County the lead again. Straight from the kick off, Micky Boulding dribbled and had a 35 yard shot just over the bar. There was little in it for the Stags, even when a very tired looking Louis and Dawson were replaced by Horlock and Wainwright came on showing a few neat touches. The best chance of the game for the Stags when a corner was put in from Hamshaw, and the Stags had everyman in the final 30 yards, the ball was knocked around in the area but no final shot was taken and Mansfield were caught out after JD was beaten once but thankfully the Stags were able to catch up and clear.
In the end it was always going to be a difficult match for the Stags, and 2 Stockport people came up to me after the game unprompted, a policeman who said we looked a decent side, and a fan who came and said we was very unlucky and was sure we wouldn't go down. A very nice touch from their fans. One name I have not really mentioned in this report who I must mention is Baptiste, who for me had one of his best games in a Stags shirt, he read the game fantastically, cleared the ball with accurate passing and had some invaluable headers. For me he was my man of the match.

Report by: Colin Holmes

Line Up:
Muggleton - 7 - Some fine saves, was unlucky with the o.g
Mullins - 6 - Average game, last few games have left us with high expectations for the young lad
Jelleyman - 6 - Subbed at half time, pushed forward well but this also left us exposed
Baptiste - 8 - As said above, did very well, hardly put a foot wrong, had we won or drawn his would so easily of been a 9
Buxton - 5 - Gave away a pen, red carded, some good challenges though, but also some poor play
D'Laryea - 6 - Some good passing on a difficult pitch
Dawson - 6 - Again a pivotal role in midfield, always a shame to see him subbed
Hamshaw - 7 - The good Matt Hamshaw turned up tonight, got the crowd chanting his name
Arnold - 6 - All the effort was there, just the pitch hampered his usual skilful runs
M.Boulding - 7 - Some good running against alot bigger men
Louis - 5 - Was a good target man, but other than that he seemed to tired and bothered to do much more
Sub Line Up:
Briggs (for Jelleyman, 45) - 6 - Plays better in his midfield role in my opinion and was quiet at left back.
Wainwright (for Dawson, 81) - 6 - Good footwork, needs more than 10 mins to show his full ability now he has settled
Horlock (for Louis, 81) - 6 - Some neat passing and level headedness
Subs not used: White, Brown.
Opposition Line Up:
Ruddy, James Smith, Raynes, Owen, Rose, Gleeson (Pilkington 56), Taylor (Proudlock 56), Dicker, Blizzard, Rowe, Dickinson. Subs Not Used: Conrad Logan, Shaleum Logan, McNulty.
Kevin Wright

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