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Re: Colchester

Postby arsene wengers coat » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:18 pm

Stags 2002 wrote:
Foresttownstag wrote:
Stags 2002 wrote:
Kernow wrote:Normal crowd on SSA Coach, if you have not been before, be prepared for a poor match day experience.

Both you and Foresttownstag have said that now. We haven't even kicked a ball yet.

Last season was first time we'd played them for roughly 14 years in the league and was a mid-week game (we don't turn up to mid-week away games, i'm more concerned about the Barnet game than Saturday in all honesty).

Colchester haven't had a great start despite winning at the weekend. We haven't won away at Colchester since '95 but equally we haven't won at home against the spireites since '94 shall we roll over for that one too because of the past record?

This season is about putting the record (or a few records) straight if we are serious promotion contenders. At the end of the day records including poor ones are made to be broken, so lets go down their with a bit of confidence after Saturday and show the lads our full support in the hope they can bring home some more bags of coal!


It's nothing to do with the actual game, last seasons game we played very well and somehow lost 2-0, I'm looking forward to the game.

My comment about poor away day is the fact there isn't any pubs etc as the ground is in the middle of nowhere, the only place to grab a pre match drink is McDonald's or the concourse in the stand. It made me really appreciate our SP bar and shows how excellent it is. I was gobsmakxed that a purpose new build stadium hadn't come equipped with a "club bar"

Haha fair enough, apologies thought we were being written off before we even get there! ;)

Yeah it's a bad one. Its an unfinished out of towner. Id advise arriving at 2.55 and leaving asap. Shame because Colchester as a town is historic and lovely in parts. The ground is a flipping wounder though.
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arsene wengers coat
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Re: Colchester

Postby Martin Shaw » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:19 pm

I thought the ground at Colchester was good, by the standards of new grounds. I was in the stand opposite the away fans, so it may have been different in that stand.

Quite a few Stags fans went in the cafe at the ground and found that to be fine.

As others have said, no pubs nearby.
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Martin Shaw
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Re: Colchester

Postby Stags 2002 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:40 pm

Taken from the following site for those interested:


The Club allow access to the bar and toilets located on the concourse area of the Weston Homes Stand, before each home game (12.15pm for a 3.00pm Kick-Off). Drinks can be taken back outside the stadium to enjoy the pre-match entertainment such as live bands which are often playing under the marquee. This bar is available to both home and away supporters. Alcohol available includes; Lager, Bitter, Wine, plus Whisky and Brandy (all at £3.80). 

With the stadium being on the very outskirts of Colchester, then there is little in the choice of pubs. David Prior informs me; 'The Dog and Pheasant on Nayland Road, is probably the closest to the stadium, although it is till around 3/4's of a mile away. However, it is only admitting home fans'. Audrey MacDonald a visiting Hartlepool United fan adds; 'We visited the Dog and Pheasant and were admitted okay, although we weren't wearing colours. The pub had a good choice of beer and did food too. To find the pub, go down to the end of United Way, then at the end turn left into Boxted Road and at the mini-roundabout go straight over into Nayland Road. The Dog and Pheasant is on the right next to a fish and chip shop'. About one and half miles away on the Ipswich Road (A1232, off A12/A120) is the Balkerne Gate pub, which is part of the Brewers Fayre chain.

David Prior continues; 'If you are arriving at Colchester North Station then there are a few pubs within a five minute walk. Directly opposite Bruff Close (where the shuttle bus runs from) is the Bricklayers, which is more of a home pub. If you turn right out of the station and cross at the pedestrian crossing and keep going straight on down North Station road, you will come to the Norfolk, which is a Greene King pub and offers a good selection of lagers and ales. A little further on is the third option being the Albert, which is a Beefeater pub'. John Hill a visiting Huddersfield Town fan adds; 'The Norfolk Arms, which is less than five minutes walk away from the station car park was happy to admit away fans and seems to be the designated pub. It looks like that it has recently been refurbished, plus they serve hand-pulled real ale. Plus Sky Sports on screen & a new-looking pool table, so definitely recommended'. Les Fry a visiting AFC Bournemouth fan adds; 'We and a few other Cherries fans drank in the Bricklayers pub near to the shuttle bus stop and experienced no problems.'

Alternatively you can take the short train ride from Colchester (North) mainline station to Colchester Town, around which there are plenty of pubs to be found. Ed Aitken adds; 'A decent bet for a pub near town station is the Odd One Out pub at the bottom of Mersea road (about a two minute walk). It is the most traditional real ale pub in Colchester, although swearing is banned!' A 5-10 minute walk away is the Playhouse, which is a Wetherspoons outlet. This former theatre is a spectacular setting for a bar, as the original dress circle and stage of the theatre have been preserved and is well worth a visit. Alcohol is also available inside the stadium.
Stags 2002
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Assistant Manager
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Re: Colchester

Postby Dan » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:22 pm

bux46 wrote:Just got my ticket ..... had to as the WIFE booked us including the dog into a pet friendly hotel..... I go to the match dog gets a good long walk .... jobs a goodun

Your wife will love it, Colchester is beautiful. The oldest recorded Roman town I think it is. Nice big park for the dog and the town centre is right next to it too.

Regarding parking at the ground, you can normally buy it from their website and print off a sheet of A4 which tells you where to park, I'd recommend doing that or you'll have a long walk.
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Re: Colchester

Postby SuffolkStag » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:55 pm

part time pete wrote:
Stags 2002 wrote:
part time pete wrote:
ironbru wrote:Parking anyone?

Fiver at the ground, but free at the park and ride at other side of by-pass about 500m walk away

Thanks for the advice pete!

EDIT - looks like that council has introduced a £3 charge for car park at park and ride for football supporters.

We went to Colchester one Saturday a few weeks ago and that park and ride was almost full when we arrived at 11:30am. So I wouldn't pin your hopes on being able to park there.
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Subs Bench
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Re: Colchester

Postby Chimney » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:05 pm

yellafella wrote:Full coach going from the Ling.

Still several seats available on this coach, I have just been told. I have the organisers number if anyone is interested
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Re: Colchester

Postby crazystagdad » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:46 pm

wessie stags mini bus for weekend
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Reserve Team
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Re: Colchester

Postby Foresttownstag » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:02 am

Sold over 250 so far, should be 300/350 there!
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